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Learn a simple way to create picture mosaic. Use this interesting technique to liven up your images in business presentations.

The picture mosaic in PowerPoint you’ll learn is:

picture mosaic in PowerPoint

Isn’t the effect amazing?

In this article, you will see how to create the effect step by step in PowerPoint. Once you learn the technique, you can apply the effect to any image of your choice. Let us learn the steps right away…

Step 1: Create the basic matrix

Go to auto shapes menu and using ‘Rectangle’ tool under basic shapes, draw a square while holding the ‘Shift’ tab. Remove the outline.

Base Square for Mosaid Make 15 more copies of the square and create 4 X 4 matrix as shown below:

Create Cube with Squares Change the outline to white.

White outine for shape Select all the squares and group them using ‘Ctrl +G’ shortcut.

Step 2: Fill the group with picture

Right click on the group. Go to Format shape -> Fill -> ‘Picture or texture fill’ option:

Picture Fill Menu Option Click on the ‘File’ tab and choose a picture of your choice. The picture will fill across the squares through the entire group as shown below:

Filled Picture Mosaic in PowerPoint Even if the individual squares are moved, the image will retain its integrity. Here is the example:

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Step 3: Apply 3D effect to the group

Right click on the group and go to Format shape. Under 3D rotation go to Perspective -> ‘Perspective relaxed’ preset.

Set 3D Perspective to relaxed Under 3D format choose ‘Angle’ preset for ‘Top’ surface:

Set 3D Format to Angle Add a depth of 25 Pts. Make the Depth color as ‘Grey’

Setting Depth and Color Once done, add shadow to give the 3D image a more realistic look. The result will be as follows:

Mosaic Effect in PowerPoint

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You can ‘lift up’ certain tiles from the picture using ‘Distance from ground’ option without the image losing its integrity. Here is proof:

Lift up picture tiles Once you create an image with this effect, you can change the image using ‘Fill picture’ option. The image then becomes a template for you to reuse later.

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