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Create stunning Badge by following this simple step by step PowerPoint tutorial. Add flourish to your eLearning and Training slides with this useful design element.

The PowerPoint Badge design you will learn to create today is:

PowerPoint Badge

You can use this as a virtual badge in your eLearning or Training slides to:

  • To recognize participants who scored well in quiz
  • To announce a new offer
  • To announce key benefits

You can also use them creatively to:

  • Create custom icons in e-zines/ brochures
  • Showcase corporate achievements
  • Introduce someone with their accomplishments and more…

Let us learn to create the badge step by step:

Step 1: Draw the base shape

Go to Auto shapes menu. Under ‘Stars and Banners’ option select‘10 Point star’.

10 point star menu
You will get the following shape:

10 Point Star Image

Step 2: Convert to Freeform

Select the shape and go to ‘Format’ tab. Open the ‘Edit shape’ drop down menu and select ‘Convert to Freeform’ option.

Convert to Freeform
Now the star is a freeform shape, which is easy to edit.

Step 3: Edit points for curvature

Right click on the shape and convert all the ‘Corner points’ into ‘Smooth points’. You can see the curved star shape you get once this is done.

 curved star shape
Choose Red color for ‘Shape fill and remove outline. Go to Shape effects -> Presets -> Preset 2 to get the following result:

Apply Preset Effect

Step 4: Add a curved ribbon at the back

Go to Auto shapes menu. Under ‘Stars and Banners’ option select ‘Curved Up Ribbon’ option as shown below.

Stars and Banners
Move the yellow handle in the middle to get a curved shape as follows:

Color the shape Red to match the badge and place it behind the icon you created in the previous step.

Step 5: Add a circle in the middle

Draw circle in the middle of the banner using ‘Oval’ tool in auto shapes menu:

 circle in the middle of the banner
Change the fill color of the circle to Red and remove outline. Right click on the circle -> Format Shape -> Shadows -> Inner Shadow -> Inside centre. Increase the value of the ‘Blur’ to 18pt.

Format Shape to Blur
You will get the following result:

The badge is pretty much ready. You can enter your text in the centre of the PowerPoint badge. Or you can add a gloss on top of the badge. You can also group all the shapes and add an outer shadow to get this:

Final PowerPoint Badge Diagram
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Variations of this chart

We wish to show you some variation examples of the PowerPoint badge from our ‘CEO PowerPoint Graphics Pack – Volume 2’.

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Awards won from CEO Pack 2

Source: Podiums and Awards from CEO Pack Volume 2

Here are some more variations that can serve as ‘Wax seals’ as well:

Wax seals appreciation tag

Here is a Star burst & Ribbon variation from CEO Pack Volume 1:

Star burst variation from CEO Pack Volume 1
PowerPoint Ribbons

Source: PowerPoint Callouts from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack 1

The Tags below are from eLearning Templates CEO Pack 2

Tags from eLearning Templates CEO Pack 2
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Smarter Option for business presenters:

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PowerPoint 2 CEO Diagrams Bundle


If you found this tutorial useful, there are 200+ advanced tutorials for PowerPoint in our website. Please browse through the collection for more creative business ideas.

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