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Stunning 3D PowerPoint Balance

PowerPoint Balance


PowerPoint balance diagram template is used to convey concepts like evaluation of options, weighted arguments, weighing pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, positives and negatives, deciding for and against etc. It is used in marketing, strategic and consulting presentations. Here are some popular concepts explained using the balance diagram: Work life balance, risk reward balance, comparing apples to oranges, time – money return etc. The scales diagram can be used to represent justice and law. The other keywords that indicate diagrams in set are: PowerPoint scales and Scales PowerPoint.

Variations of PowerPoint Scales Diagram

PowerPoint Balance Positive
PowerPoint Balance Negative

Tilted Scales Showing Comparison | Scales Comparing Charts

Tilted Scales
Scales Comparing Charts

Balanced PowerPoint Scales

PowerPoint Balance
Scales Comparing Charts

Positive and Negative PowerPoint Balance

Negative PowerPoint Balance
Positive PowerPoint Balance

PowerPoint Scales Diagram

PowerPoint Scales Diagram


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