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View data-driven Bar & Column charts from CEO pack below:

PowerPoint Bar Graph: Waterfall Chart

This ready to use Waterfall chart is data-driven and easy to edit


The designer PowerPoint bar graph templates are completely data driven and elegant. The set has beautiful 3D bar charts and column charts that give a professional look and feel. Apart from the regular column charts, there are stacked column charts and 100% stacked column charts. We’ve also include data drivenwaterfall chart. The bar and column charts are beveled with appropriate lighting. There are variations in the shape of the bars and columns. The set has 3D pyramid graphs, cylinder graphs and cone graphs. The bar graphs are professionally animated to enhance message clarity. Other keywords that indicate the diagram set are: PowerPoint bar chart. PowerPoint column chart and waterfall chart.

Data-Driven Stylish 3D Bar Graphs

100% Stacked Column Chart | Stacked Column Chart

3 Year Product Comparisons | Beveled Column Chart

Bar Graph Performance Comparison | 3D Column chart

PowerPoint Graph | 2 Color Column Chart

3D PowerPoint Bar Graph | Beveled Bar Chart

Horizontal & Vertical PowerPoint Pyramid Graphs

Stacked Pyramid Column Chart | PowerPoint Cone Chart


PowerPoint Pie Chart  |    Editable Charts in PowerPoint

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