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Discover a simple way to draw battery diagram in PowerPoint. You can also use this as an editable chart to show your data in a creative way.

The PowerPoint Battery you will learn to create today is:

PowerPoint Battery Tutorial

Where to use a Battery diagram?

Battery diagram is a manually editable chart to conceptually indicate energy levels in a team, extent of power in an idea etc. You can make copies of the diagram, vary the charge levels and use it as an interesting indicator of measurement for any criteria as follows:

Creative Bar Chart Diagram Idea

Battery Comparison Chart

Source: Editable Charts from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

Let us learn to create the diagram in a stepwise manner.

Step 1: Create the box for background

Go to Auto shapes menu and draw a rounded rectangle. Right click on the shape; go to Fill -> Gradient Fill -> Preset colors -> Chrome II.

Chrome Preset Shape for Battery
Set the Gradient Angle in the same Menu to 135°. The result will be as follows:

Rounded Rectangle with chrome Draw a smaller rounded rectangle and place it in the center of the previous rectangle.

With Rectangle in Center Right click on the new shape and go to Format Shape. Set Fill color to solid Dark Grey.

Then in the same menu, Go to Shadow -> Presets -> Inner -> Inside centre. Once the inner shadow is set, increase the Blur value in the same menu to 36 pt.

The result will be as follows:

Basic Battery Background This diagram also forms the base for creating a phone pictogram.

Now that the base is ready, the next step is…

Step 2: Create the cap

The cap is nothing more than a small rounded rectangle again. Pull in the yellow diamond handles fully to create maximum curvature:

Rounded Rectangle Diamond Handle Fill the shape with black to complete the look of a battery.

Battery in PowerPoint with Cap

Step 3: Draw the charge indicators

The final step is to draw rectangles that indicate charge levels. You can decide the number of rectangles you want to include in the diagram. Ensure that the rectangles fit into the inner rectangle near the bottom edge.

Fill the rectangles with light green color. Select the rectangle; go to Format -> Shape effects -> Presets -> Preset 2.

Battery level menu setting The final PowerPoint Battery will be as follows:

PowerPoint Battery Tutorial You can add a grey rectangle in the background, use reflection, add call outs to get a professional look.

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Variations of Editable charts:

We wish to show you some variations in editable charts. The charts are from ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams templates pack for CEOs’.

PowerPoint Battery from CEO PackPowerPoint Thermometer from CEO Pack

   Source: PowerPoint Editable Charts from CEO Pack

PowerPoint Bar Charts from CEO Pack
PowerPoint Thermometer from CEO Pack
PowerPoint Battery from CEO Pack
PowerPoint Pyramid Chart from CEO Pack

Source: Data- Driven Graphs from CEO Pack

All the 750 diagrams in the CEO pack are fully editable. You just need to copy our diagrams to your slides to create professional presentations in minutes. The pack offers you a lot of options to express your business ideas in a creative and impressive way.

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