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PowerPoint Bulb Video Tutorial showing step by step process of creating this useful element for business presentations

In this edition of Advanced PowerPoint tutorials series, you will learn to create a light bulb in PowerPoint using 2010 or 2013 version. A light bulb is a common metaphor for “idea”. So, there are a lot of applications in business presentations once you create this graphic. Let us learn to create this useful graphic in PowerPoint.

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Here is a sample of the PowerPoint Bulb Diagram we created:

PowerPoint Bulb Diagram tutorial
Here are some ways in which you can use this shape as an idea metaphor:

1. Show barriers to generating good ideas

Animated PowerPoint Template

Source: Advance Animated Templates Pack for PowerPoint 

2. Steps from Ideas to execution

Steps from Ideas to Execution PowerPoint Template

3. Creative way to highlight text with animations

Highlighted Text Animations in PowerPoint

Source: Advance Animated Templates Pack for PowerPoint 

Hope you liked our tutorial. If you want to learn more such tutorials, please browse through this site. You will find 200+ PowerPoint tutorials. Thanks a lot for watching the video and happy presenting!

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