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Discover a simple way to draw elegant calendar in PowerPoint in just 3 steps. Follow our step by step instructions to create this useful diagram template. Since you are creating this from scratch, you can customize the dates, colors, look and feel etc.

The PowerPoint Calendar you will learn to create today is:

PowerPoint Calendar

Isn’t the calendar beautiful? Let us learn to create the diagram. But before that…

Where to use the calendar diagram?

You can use the diagram…

  • To indicate key dates of an event
  • To represent target date for completion of a project
  • You can make copies of the diagram and use it to represent ‘history of your company’ along a timeline like this:

Source: Timeline Charts from PowerPoint Graphics CEO Pack 2

The uses of the diagram are limited only by your imagination. Here are the steps…

Step 1: Draw the base

Go to Auto shapes menu and select the ‘Rounded rectangle’ tool. Draw a rounded rectangle as follows:

Rounded Rectangle for Calendar

Fill the shape with dark grey color and make the outline thick with 6 points (Using Format Shape> Line Style > Width).  Let the color of the outline be light grey.

Thick Outline for Rectangle

The result will be a grey rounded rectangle for the background like this:

Rounded Base for Calendar

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Step 2: Draw spirals on the top edge

For this we will once again use the rounded rectangle tool from Auto Shapes menu. Once you have the rounded rectangle, move the yellow diamond handles towards the centre of the top edge to get a pill shape as follows:

Pill Shape

Reduce the size of the shape, make copies and place them along the top edge of the calendar.

Basic Calendar Background

Group the shapes you just added. Remove the outline with Format Shape> Line Color > No Line and ‘Fill’ the shapes with Chrome II preset color. The steps are: Right click on the shape; go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient Fill -> Preset Colors -> Chrome II.

Chrome Gradient Fill

The result will be as follows:

Metal Spirals for Calendar

Step 3: Draw the Date page

Draw two rectangles and fill them with Red and White colors as shown below:

Calendar Base

To add a proper depth, we will use a shadow. Group the two rectangles. Go to Shape effects -> Shadows -> Outer -> Offset bottom.

Shadow Offet Menu

Now all that is left is to write the month and day on the page. You can add a shadow at the bottom of the calendar to give the PowerPoint Calendar a more realistic look:

Final Calendar in Power Point

Your elegant calendar diagram is ready!

Variations for timeline representations:

The calendar diagram you learnt is just one way of representing timeline. We wish to show you some interesting variations to represent timeline.

 Source: Timeline Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

5 Year Timeline from CEO Pack

Photo Fill Timeline Calendar from CEO Pack

Source: Editable Calendar Templates in PowerPoint from CEO Pack

All the 750 templates in the CEO pack are fully editable. They are professionally animated to reduce your effort. All you need is to copy our diagrams to your slides and replace the sample text with your own text. You can makeover a boring PowerPoint slide deck into a stunningly professional presentation in a matter of minutes.

If you are a business presenter, it is definitely worth your while to take a look at our PowerPoint diagram templates pack. It might be one of the most useful investments you would ever make to improve the impact of your critical presentations. You can find more details about the PowerPoint CEO Pack here

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