PowerPoint Cause Effect

PowerPoint Cause Effect: Trigger & Impact:

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PowerPoint Trigger and Impact


The diagrams in this set can be used to depict action – reaction relationship. Whether you want to capture sequence of impact as in Domino effect, or multiple outcomes caused by one center of influence like in Influence diagram –these diagram templates come in handy. Other concepts you can show using the diagrams in this set are – Ripple effect, Chain reactions and Trigger effect.

PowerPoint Domino Effect Diagrams

PowerPoint Cause Effect Domino
Powerpoint domino effect

Action and Influence Diagram | Arrow and Impact

PowerPoint Chain Reaction
Arrow and impact diagram

Increasing Impact of a change | One Cause with Multiple Effects

PowerPoint arrows impact
One cause multiple effects

Chain Reaction | PowerPoint Cause Effect Arrows

Chain reaction diagram
PowerPoint Curved Arrows

Impact Analysis Diagram| 2 Different Ripple Effects

Impact Analysis Diagram
PowerPoint ripple effect

Effect Ripples | Effect of Change

Effect of change in ripples
Effect of Change

PowerPoint Cause Effect Arrow Diagrams

Cause and effect Arrows direction
Cause and effect Arrows


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