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Learn to create useful chain links in PowerPoint. You can use this graphic to show concepts like linked factors, ideas linked to central concept, dependent processes. This can also be used to create a Venn diagram.

The tutorial is created in PowerPoint 2013 and uses the Fragment tool. This tool is NOT available in PowerPoint 2010. You would need to use the Subtract option multiple times To view the Subtract tool, please set up the Quick Access Tool bar.

Here is an screenshot of  the linked chains you will learn to create in the video:

PowerPoint Chain Links

PowerPoint Features used in this video

Check markDonut ShapeCheck markAdjusting Yellow Handles on shapes
Check markCopy with shortcutCheck markAlign tools
Fragment tool, Union shapesShape format : Remove outline, change color

PowerPoint Versions in which you can follow this tutorial:

Tick markPowerPoint 2013
Tick markPowerPoint 2010
Tick markPowerPoint 2007

Click play to view the tutorial:

If you are unable to view the video above OR need a printable tutorial OR need to create a chain using PowerPoint 2007 or earlier, you can follow a similar tutorial here.

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