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Discover how to draw a beautiful metallic chain in PowerPoint in one minute. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram.

The PowerPoint Chain you’ll learn is:

PowerPoint Chain Diagram

Isn’t the diagram beautiful?

Video Tutorial To Create PowerPoint Chain

To learn to make the diagram in PowerPoint you can watch the video below:

To learn to make the diagram from the scratch follow our simple steps here:

Step 1: Create the vertical link

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Rounded Rectangle’ tool. Move the yellow diamond handles at the corner of the shape to get maximum curvature:

Rounded rectangle diamond handle

Draw another rounded rectangles and place it one inside the first one.

Rounded Rectangle Shape Our vertical link of the chain is ready. It is time to…

Step 2: Create the horizontal link

Draw a third rounded rectangle that matches the length of the first rectangle. This forms the horizontal link for the chain.

Horizontal Shape for Chain Thus, there are three rounded rectangles that form our chain diagram. Now, we can…

Step 3: Fill the shapes with Preset Gradients

Select shape 1 and 3 of the chain. Right click and go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient Fill -> Preset Colors -> Chrome II.

Preset Gradient Fill option for Chain Shape

Note: These preset gradients are only available in PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and earlier versions. PowerPoint 2013 does not contain preset gradients. You will need to use a grey fill color and add a gradient manually.

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Set the outline by using the Line Color> Solid Color > Dark grey option. Bring Shape 2 to the front, fill it with white and remove outline. The result will be as follows:

Basic Chain Structure Group the above shapes, make copies and arrange them horizontally to form the chain. You can vary the length of the chain by increasing or decreasing the number of links. The final result is this beautiful chain diagram:

Chain Diagram

Variations of Chain diagram:

You can try different preset colors for gradient fill to get a Gold chain like this:

Gold Chain In PowerPoint You can try different metallic textures (you can download the textured pictures available for free on the net) to get the following varieties of chains:

Shining Gold Chain Shiny Copper Chain Once you create a fully editable diagram to serve as the base. You can try different variations to suit your specific need.

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Let us see where to use the diagram…

Applications of PowerPoint Chain:

Chain is an excellent metaphor to represent connection, link, relationship etc. There are a number of uses for the diagram in a business presentation. We wish to show you some diagram templates from our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO pack’ that showcases the use of chain diagrams.

Chain Showing Business Concept of broken or key link

PowerPoint Chain from CEO pack

Source; Chain diagrams from PowerPoint CEO pack

Four Interconnected Points

Interconnected chain from PowerPoint CEO Pack

Representing Linked Ideas

Linked Ideas from CEO pack

Source: PowerPoint Chain from CEO Pack

All the 750+ diagram templates in our CEO pack are fully editable. So, you can just copy the diagrams from our templates and create professional presentations in minutes.

Why waste time creating your graphics and diagrams from scratch, when you can invest the time to hone your content? Please browse through our diagrams collection and see how the CEO pack can change the way you create your business presentations forever.

Browse CEO pack 1

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