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PowerPoint Challenge: Opposing Factors

Description: The concept chart templates in this set are modeled around the theme of business challenges. The templates depict everyday situations using simple metaphors. Some of the concepts you can represent using these templates are – opposing factors, problems that hold us back, arresting the decline, too much burden to carry, introspection, work life balance, tornado of change etc.

Problem that Holds back | Arresting the Slide

Problem that Holds back

Challenge of Weight

Barbells as a Metaphor | Bearing the weight

Barbells as a Metaphor

Resolving Issues by Introspection | Fighting for Work Life Balance

Resolving Issues by Introspection

Fallout of Severe Change – Tornado Metaphor

Fallout of Severe Change - Tornado Metaphor

PowerPoint Challenge : Stuck in Process


Facing Two Options | Holding off decline

Facing Two Options

Faced with 3 Options

Faced with 3 Options

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PowerPoint Opportunity

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