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Discover a shortcut to draw circle diagram with segments in PowerPoint. Save time and get a professional looking diagram with this surprisingly simple method.

The PowerPoint circle diagram you’ll learn is:

Isn’t the diagram beautiful? What if I say, it took less than 60 seconds to create this diagram? Surprised? Read on…

The usual way of drawing circle diagrams is messy:

The usual way of drawing a circle diagram with segments is to use ‘Pie’ tool from Auto shapes menu.

Pie Tool for Circle Diagram

Here is the typical result of using the Pie Shape in PowerPoint:

Circle Diagram with Pie Shape

The method not only gives you messy results, but also makes it difficult to create variations fast. The reason is – you don’t have an easy way to measure the angle of the segments you create. So, you need to keep experimenting till the various pieces fit together properly.  That takes a lot of time and effort (and calculations too!).

Today, we will create the diagram using PowerPoint chart function instead of the usual auto shapes tool. The method gives you complete flexibility to create the diagram with any number of segments you desire.

Video Tutorial on Creating Segmented Diagram with Pie Chart

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Step 1: Insert a Pie chart

Open a slide. Go to Insert -> Chart ->Pie and select the first option

Insert Pie Chart

You will get the following result using the in-built data that PowerPoint uses:

Standard Pie Chart

Delete the legend and chart title. Go to Design Option in the Menu Bar and select the look and feel of the chart.

Chart Look and Feel Menu

Our base pie chart is ready. But, the segments of the circle are not uniform yet.

Pie Chart

Step 2: Edit data in the accompanying worksheet

We want to create a circle diagram with 5 uniform segments. So, right click on the pie chart and go to ‘Edit Data’ option.

Since the total angle in a circle is 360°, we will divide this by 5 to get our 5 segments. So, we enter a value of 72° for each of the 5 segments. Remember to drag the ‘blue selection’ to cover all the 5 data points as follows:

Edit Data for Pie Chart

Voila! We got our circle diagram with 5 segments.

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Step 3: Giving the finishing touches

You can enter your text in each of the segments.  Add gloss at the top edge and a shadow at the bottom. The result is a beautiful PowerPoint circle diagram:

PowerPoint Circle Diagram with Gloss

You can create the diagram with as many segments as you want. You just need to divide 360° by the number of segments you need. When you enter the data in the accompanying worksheet, make sure that you drag the blue selection to accommodate the data you entered.

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Inspiration for more circle diagrams:

We wish to show you some interesting circle diagrams from our ‘750 + PowerPoint Charts and Diagram templates collection for CEOs’. We made these diagrams with auto shapes tool, to allow you the flexibility of applying custom animation and 3D Bevel.

Circular Segments Diagrams Variations

Source: PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

PowerPoint 3D Diagrams: Wheels

5 Step Circular Chevrons | 3D Circular Arrow

See More PowerPoint Circles from CEO Pack >>

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