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Learn to make elegant 3D circle in PowerPoint for your business presentations. Watch and learn from the video tutorial.

The 3D Circle base or disc you are about to learn to make is:

3D PowerPoint Circle Disc Image

Uses of 3D PowerPoint circle:

This circular 3D base has a number of uses in a business presentation. It can serve as a platform to hold an icon or text. There are many ways to use the base once you learnt to create it:

PowerPoint Circle Uses Options Image

In this article you’ll learn to make this circular base in PowerPoint 2007.

Watch the following video to understand the method to create 3D circular bases in a step by step way:

Here are some Creative PowerPoint Diagrams we created using the method you just learnt.

PowerPoint Template 1: Five phases of a project

When representing different phases of a project, you can do it as the usual timeline or as a visual diagram like this:

PowerPoint Template for Project Phases

Source: PowerPoint Roadmaps from 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO pack

This diagram is professionally animated in PowerPoint, so that each phase appears in line with the explanation provided by the presenter.

PowerPoint Template 2: Timeline template to set context

Set the context for your presentation by giving a quick overview of the past, present and future of your industry. As you can see, while the template looks polished and professional, it does not take away the attention from the presenter or the information provided. This is one common issue with using a strong photo as a visual.

PowerPoint Circle Template Timeline Image

See more PowerPoint Timelines from CEO Pack

PowerPoint Template 3: Organizational hierarchy

The 3D circles can be stacked one over the other to depict the hierarchical levels in an organization. Any kind of hierarchy can be represented with this template.

Organizational Hierarchy PowerPoint Circle Image

Source: PowerPoint Pyramid Diagram from CEO Pack

PowerPoint Template 4: Four Point Agenda

This elegant diagram can help you to communicate the four point agenda of your business presentation.

PowerPoint Agenda Diagram Template

PowerPoint Template 5: Creative column graph

These 3D discs when stacked one over the other can even serve as column graphs for your numbers based presentations.

Creative Column Graph with PowerPoint Circle

More charts available in 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack


You can create your own variations and use the 3D circle in many innovative ways.

If you are too busy to experiment, you can always take a look at the PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack by clicking here.

This template pack has 750+ interesting diagrams like these. You can mix and match elements and create literally thousands of professional diagrams in a matter of minutes.

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