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Create useful concepts in PowerPoint for your business presentations. Learn to make Lock and Key diagram in a step by step way

The PowerPoint concepts you can create with this tutorial:

PowerPoint Concepts Tutorial

Using the same base shapes, you can also create the following diagram template:

Problem Solution Concept

If you are a business presenter, it is good to have some useful diagram templates ready, to quickly include in your slide deck. These templates help you visualize your ideas quickly and make your message more effective. One such useful diagram template to have in your reference folder is ‘Lock and Key diagram’.  In this article, you will learn to create the diagram in a step by step way.

Step 1: Draw the Lock

Go to auto shapes menu; select ‘Rectangle’ tool and ‘Block arc’ tool to create the basic lock shape as follows.

Lock with Menu in PowerPoint

Fill the shape with black color and make the outline white.

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Step 2: Draw the key hole:

Select ‘Oval’ tool and ‘Rectangle’ tool from the auto shapes menu and create the shape of keyhole as follows:

Keyhole with PowerPoint Menu

Fill the two shapes with white color and remove their outline to create the key-hole. Place the keyhole close to the bottom edge of the lock you created in Step 1:

Lock Concept in PowerPoint

Step 3: Create the key

‘Key’ is created using three shapes from Auto shapes menu. They are – ‘Oval, Pentagon and Rectangle’. See the following diagram to understand how they fit together.

 Key Diagram with PowerPoint

Here is the breakup of the steps:

Head of the key: 

Use ‘Oval’ tool in Auto shapes menu to draw two circles – one smaller than the other. Select both the circles; go to Arrange -> Align Middle & Align Center. Let the inner circle be white in color.

Oval Shape for Key

Shaft of the key:

From Auto shapes menu -> Select Block Arrows -> Pentagon tool. Draw the shape ->Select Arrange -> Rotate -> Flip Horizontal. The result will be as follows:


Teeth of the key:

Using the same pentagon tool and rectangle tool create the teeth of the key as follows:


Make sure to vary the length of the shapes and the space between them to give a more realistic feel to the key. Remove the outline for all the shapes and fill them with black color. Your key will be ready:


Now you can use the lock and key diagram to express your business ideas and concepts.

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