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Custom animation, when used correctly can enhance the effectiveness of your message in your business presentations. This article provides some useful examples to inspire your thinking.

Why the usual PowerPoint Custom Animation looks cheesy

Any movement on a slide attracts audience attention. So, any custom animation – whether it is good or bad never goes unnoticed. The only difference between a cheesy animation and a professional animation is the ‘purpose for the movement’.

Poor presenters use animation for decoration:

If you are a school teacher and you want some cool tool to grab the attention of kindergarten students, by all means use dancing GIF animations and rotating eye balls on your slide. There are tons of free sites that provide elaborate tutorials on using PowerPoint for entertainment. They also provide free GIF animations to enhance the bling value of your slide deck.

But, in a business presentation, custom animation without purpose is a recipe for disaster.

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What is custom animation with purpose?

If your message appears ‘incomplete’ or ‘ineffective’ when you remove the associated animation on a slide, your animation has a purpose. Otherwise, do your audience a favor. Remove all the animations on your slide. Let them focus on your message than the bling.

Here are some reasons why you may want to use animation in your business presentations:

1. Using animation to reveal information in stages

Sometimes, presenting a lot of information at one go can be overwhelming for the audience. Revealing information in stages makes your message clear and memorable. Take a look at the following example showing animation of the concept ‘Finding the Right key’

Source: Concepts from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack Vol. 1

In this slide, the presenter talks about the problem first. On click, he moves to the solution to the problem. On another click, he explains the results. This helps the audience to organize the information in their minds clearly.

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2. Using animation to draw attention to specific parts of the slide

PowerPoint Custom animation is extremely useful to draw audience attention to certain parts of your slide. This helps you highlight the key areas, when there are many competing elements on your slide. Take a look at the following concept slide template:

Here, the presenter wants to highlight the criteria used for selecting the right candidate among a bunch of candidates. The animation used in the slide conveys the point quickly and effectively.

3. Using PowerPoint Custom Animation to tell a concept story

Sometimes, a concept can be said in a memorable way by using purposeful PowerPoint Custom Animation. You can combine multiple animations to tell your story. Though you may need to invest some time to get the animation right, the result is definitely worth the effort. Take a look at the following example, where the presenter wants to highlight the wrong sales habit followed by most sales people:

Animation of ‘Wrong sales habit’

Here is the right sales habit presented using animation:

Animation of right sales habit

Source: Sales Concepts from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack 1

Purposeful use of animation supports the presenter in conveying a cohesive story.

While there are thousands of ways to use animation with purpose, we believe that the examples you saw in the article set you thinking in the right path.

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Your ready-made source for professionally animated diagram templates:

We realize it takes a lot of time and skill to get custom animation work to your advantage in your business presentations. We also realize that a busy business presenter like you can’t afford to invest the time needed to create professional animations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

That’s why; we created our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates for CEOs’ pack. The pack has more than 750 fully editable diagram templates to help a business presenter create stunning presentations in minutes. The examples you saw in this article are part of the pack. Here are more examples of FULLY editable animated charts:

Source: Extreme Animation Set from CEO Pack

Process diagram showing inputs and outputs

In the CEO Pack, you can find hundreds of conceptual slides complete with professional animation, to support your message. You just need to copy our diagrams to your slides and replace the sample text with your own. The diagrams retain the animation. Of course, you can remove any animation you consider unnecessary, by editing the animation pane.

What is more, you can copy elements from different templates and make your own set of custom diagram templates to suit your specific needs. If you are a business presenter, and have not taken a look at our diagrams collection yet, you surely are missing something. Invest in the diagram pack and save loads of time. More About CEO Pack here.

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