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PowerPoint Finance Template: Currency

Description: These templates are useful to represent finance concepts using simple analogies and metaphors. Some of the concepts you can visualize using the templates are – rising and falling dollars, attracting money, checking financial health, steps to reach financial goal, switching to profits, cutting costs, riding the market slide, scenario analysis, risk protection, time versus money etc.

Attracting Money | Steps to reach Financial Goal

Attracting Money

Checking Financial Health | Path to Growing Wealth

Checking Financial Health

Moving towards Financial Goal

Falling Currency | Rising Currency Rates

Falling Currency

Switching to Profits Metaphor | Cost Cutting Measures

Switching to Profits Metaphor

External Market Slide | Economic Ladder

External Market SlideEconomic Ladder

Scenario Analysis Templates

Scenario Analysis TemplatesScenario Analysis Templates

PowerPoint Finance Templates : Profit Code

Metaphor of time vs money | Time vs Money

Time vs Money

Risk Protection Concept

Ineffective Risk Protection | Factors Affecting Risk

Ineffective Risk Protection

Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts

PowerPoint Keys

PowerPoint Keys

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