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Learn to create simple and visual meter Chart in PowerPoint. Find a useful resource for professional looking speedometer and dashboard chart for your business presentations.

The Gauge Chart you’ll learn to create:

PowerPoint Gauge

This simple meter chart is quite useful to represent qualitative performance. This is not a data driven chart. I will show you a useful resource later in this article, to create professional looking data driven gauge charts in PowerPoint. You can use these charts even if you are an excel novice. Let us learn to create the diagram version of the chart.

Step 1: Create the base framework

We want the gauge chart to have a semicircular dial. So, the first step is to create a semicircle to serve as the base framework. For this, go to Auto shapes menu and pick the tool called ‘Pie’ under ‘Basic shapes’ as shown below:

Base pie framework

 Draw the pie while holding ‘Shift’ tab. Move the yellow handles to create a perfect semicircle as a base for the speedometer.

Semi Circle Base for Meter

Step 2: Draw the segments

The next step is to draw the segments that represent different quality parameters. For this, copy the earlier pie and remove shape fill. This time create smaller segments of the pie by adjusting the yellow handles.

Draw Pie Component for Gauge

 Make three more segments to complete the semicircle.

Semicircle for gauge

 Now, remove the semicircle framework at the background and fill the segments with colors of your choice. Let the outline color be white.

 This completes the dial of this chart.

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Step 3: Draw the Needle

To create the needle, go to Auto shapes menu and pick the triangle tool. Drag the shape to resemble a needle.

Triangle shape for Needle
Rotate Needle in Gauge

Rotate the shape and place it on the dial you created in Step 2. Remove the outline and fill it with black color.
 To hide the bottom edge of the needle, place a circle on top of it as shown below:

Completing the meter gauge

 When you add relevant text to mark the qualitative parameters your diagram gets complete.

final PowerPoint Gauge Chart

 You need to manually rotate the needle to indicate different performance levels.

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Data Driven PowerPoint Gauge Chart:

If you want a more elegant solution, we recommend you take a look at the chart options available from our Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack. Here is a speedometer dial taken from the pack:

Data dfriven Speedometer Gauge Chart

Source: Speedometers from Visual Graphs Pack

This is a readymade template. To edit the chart, right click on the chart and go to ‘Edit data’. The following worksheet opens up:

Editable Worksheet for Speedometer

 When you change the values in the yellow cells, the chart automatically gets updated. That is it. You don’t have to struggle with creating the chart from scratch, and spend hours polishing the chart. It takes just 5 seconds to create stunningly professional Gauge chart in PowerPoint for your business presentations.

Here is another example from the same pack:

Speedometer for Scenario Analysis

 Take a look at the other interesting variations of PowerPoint Gauge Charts from our Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack.

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