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Discover a super easy way to draw gears using PowerPoint. Make any gear you want by following three simple steps.

The PowerPoint Gear we will create is:

PowerPoint Tutorial Gears

We will create this shape using ‘Shape union’ and ‘Shape subtract’ functions in PowerPoint 2010 or higher versions of PowerPoint.

To know more about using these functions, check this article with Video.

Once you learn to make this basic shape, you can apply presets and create diagrams like the ones you see below:

3D Gears in powerpoint

Or even shapes with silhouettes like this:

PowerPoint Gear Templates

Uses of Gears in Presentations:

Gears are used as a business metaphor for ‘working together’. They are used in most of the strategic presentations and HR presentations.

While the shape maybe useful, it is not easy to find good editable gears to use in PowerPoint. The gears you find in SmartArt are fairly elementary and overused.

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In this tutorial, we will learn to create a gear in one minute or less. What is more, you can create any type of gear you want – using 3 simple steps.

Let us learn to create this useful diagram:

Step 1: Creating the basic star

Use ‘Rounded rectangle’ tool in auto shape menu and create a long rectangular bar like this:

Rounded Rectange Image

Remove the outline and make 3 copies of the shape.

Arrange the copies one below the other. Right click on each bar -> Size and Position -> Choose Rotation angle. For the first bar choose 30°, for the second choose 60°, for the third choose 90°. You will get a star shaped pattern like this:

Star Shaped Pattern

Step 2: Creating the basic gear shape

Once you have the above pattern, draw a large circle in the centre.

Circle to Create Gear Tutorial

Select all the shapes and press ‘Shape union’ option.

You will get the following result:

Combined Image of Gear

We are now ready with the basic gear shape.

Step 3: Create a hole in the middle

Draw a small circle on the center of the basic gear shape.

Circle to create hole for gear

Once done, select the basic gear shape first and the circle next. Now, press ‘Shape subtract’ option to create a hole in the middle as follows:

PowerPoint Gear 2010 Tutorial

Our Gear Shape is now completely ready. You can vary the size of the circles and create interesting alternatives like these.

varied gear shapes in PowerPoint

Here are some interesting applications of PowerPoint Gears:

PowerPoint Gear Templates from CEO Pack

Source: PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

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Conclusion about PowerPoint Gears:

Using Shape Union and Shape Substract Options in PowerPoint allows you great deal of flexibility in creating PowerPoint Shapes. Its not just gears, you can create a range of diagrams with it.

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