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In this effect tutorial you will learn a very cool PowerPoint layering trick. It is of a cheetah jumping through a hoop. We need to use a trick to create this effect as it cannot be achieved directly by placing the hoop behind or in front of the Cheetah image.

This effect can be use to show the business concepts like moving through obstacles, passing through a stumbling block, layers of filter etc.

We have used the image of a cheetah to show this animation. You can use any suitable image like the silhouette of a person to create your own template.

Here is an screenshot of animation that you will can create by learning the trick from this video:

PowerPoint Layering Trick

PowerPoint Features used in this video

Check markDonut and Line shapesCheck mark3D rotation perspective
Check markToggling yellow handle to reduce width of shapeCheck markPaste Special Tool
Tick MarkPicture Crop toolTick markSend to Back / Bring to front Tools

PowerPoint Versions in which you can follow this tutorial:

Tick mark PowerPoint 2013,  2016, 2019 and higher
Tick mark PowerPoint 2010
Tick mark PowerPoint 2007

Click play to view the tutorial:

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Here are some examples of business concepts that use the trick shown in the video above. All the examples are taken from PowerPoint Charts 2 CEO Pack Bundle.:

1. Concept of perseverance created with arrows

PowerPoint Concept  Template showing Perseverence

2. Filter concept created with PowerPoint Layering Trick

PowerPoint Filter Created with layering trick

3. Obstacle concept created with 3D text and Custom Arrow

PowerPoint Obstacle Concept created with Layering Trick

4. Concept of Barrier created with custom arrows and freeform shape

PowerPoint Barrier concept created wtih layering trick

The PowerPoint templates shown in this video are from:
PowerPoint Charts 2 CEO Pack Bundle

PowerPoint 2 CEO Pack Bundle
If you liked this tutorial and would like to learn more, please browse through this site. You will find over 350 PowerPoint tutorials and creative ideas for presentations.

Thanks you for watching the video and happy presenting!

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