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Create Magnifying Glass template in PowerPoint to highlight your key text. Follow our step by step instruction to create this useful business concept diagram.

This PowerPoint Magnifying Glass tutorial is for:

PowerPoint Magnifying Glass Tutorial Note that this is an advanced tutorial.

Where to use the hand lens template?

Hand lens is popularly used as a metaphor for search. So, you can use the diagram to represent close scrutiny or focus. The template is quite handy in strategy or compliance related presentations.

Let us learn to create the diagram in simple steps.

Step 1: Drawing the handle

Draw three rectangles of different shapes as follows:
Group the elements together by pressing Ctrl+ G. You can fill the handle with a metallic look by using the  ‘Preset Gradient Fill’ by following these steps:

Preset Gradient Fill Option Magnifying Glass

Right click on the group.

Go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient Fill -> Preset Colors-> Chrome II.

Ensure that you select the ‘Type’ as ‘Linear’ and ‘Direction’ as ‘Linear Left’. You will get the following result:
Metallic Handle for Magnifying Lens Your handle for the lens is ready.

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Step 2: Create the glass for the lens

Go to Auto shapes menu, select ‘Oval’ tool. Hold the ‘Shift’ tab and drag to draw a perfect circle. Let the Fill color be white.

Choose grey color for outline and let the weight of the outline be 4.5 pt.
Follow the next few steps to add a blurred shadow to complete the look of the glass:

Right click on the circle and go to Format shape. Select Shadow -> Presets -> Inner -> Inside Center. Increase the blur to 37 pt.


Add a white circle and set its transparency so it looks Glossy. Now add this to the glass to complete the look.
Glossy Circle for Lens
Your slide should have the following magnifying glass ready by now:
Magnifying Glass Basic Tutorial Finally for the last step…

Step 3: Write the magnified text

There are two simple tricks we use while writing the text.

  1. Write magnified text separately from the other text to show the font size variation
  2. Select the text to be magnified, increase the font size and apply the following effect:

Curved Text Menu

Go to Format -> Text effects -> Transform -> Inflate. The final result will be as follows:
Text in Magnifying Glass Tutorial You can use the inflated text to highlight certain figures in your data presentation or certain ‘key words’ in the fine print of your brochures. So, a PowerPoint Magnifying Glass diagram is quite useful to showcase your concept ideas.

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Source: Business Concept from 750+ Charts & Diagrams Pack

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