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PowerPoint Metaphors : Merging

PowerPoint Metaphors : Merging

Description: Metaphors in business presentation help convey complex concepts in a simply way. The PowerPoint metaphors in this set help you communicate difficult concepts like – Merging of two cultures, goal based division of tasks, competition, bouncing back, nurturing of ideas, factors causing potential danger, blocked process, predicting the future, cleaning up mistakes, making a wish list, unfair comparison, said and unsaid etc.

Prism as a Metaphor | Multiple capabilities

Evaluating 2 Options

Division of our Organization | Simile for Competition

Division of our Organization

Editable Chart related to Growth

Nurturing an Idea | Hindering Growth

Nurturing an Idea

Work on Roots for sheen on Leaves | Timeline of Progress

Work on Roots for sheen on Leaves

Vertical Growth Stages | Horinzontal Timeline

Growth Stages and HistoryGrowth History

Metaphor for Causing Danger

Fighting Fire | Dousing The Fire

Fighting FireDousing the Fire

Stagewise Progress – Rocket Simile

Potential Danger | Dangerous Issue

Potential Danger

Market Performance compared to weather

Taking world by storm | Thinking the world of oneself

Taking world by storm

Crystal Ball to See Future

Crystal Ball to See Future

Springing a Surprise | Drilling down a concept

Springing a Surprise

Wishlist | Weighing an Option


Cleaning up Mistakes

Performance Rebound | Hope in the mirror

Performance Rebound

Unfair Comparison | Scales Diagram

Unfair Comparison

Concept of Elephant & Blind Men | Cross Pollinating Best Practices

Concept of Elephant & Blind Men

Merger of Companies | Different Levels of Fill

Merger of Companies

Tipping Point | Initiating Change

Tipping Point

Project Status Timeline compared to Sand Clock

Project Status Timeline compared to Sandclock

Said and Unsaid | Influence of Leadership

Said and Unsaid

Thinking about a Process | Blocked Process PowerPoint Metaphors

Simile for workload | Simplifying an Idea

Simile for workload

Solved Puzzle disintegrating

Handwoven Text | Going by the Book

Handwoven Text

Signal Posts | Stop Watch Go Categories

Signal Posts

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