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Layered PowerPoint Models

Description:This is an assorted collection of business model diagrams. Some of the models included in this set are: Layered model, influencing factors model, divisive forces model, convergence model, alignment model, pressurizing forces model, onion model, implications model, environmental factors model, tiered stages model, strategic visioning model etc.

Environmental Factors | Influencing Factors

Environmental Factors Influencing Factors

Strategic Visioning Model

Strategic Visioning Model

Convergence Model | Hidden Aspects

Convergence Model

Influencing Factors PowerPoint Model

Models showing Divisive Forces

Models showing Divisive Forces

Factors affecting Hierarchy

Convergence Model | Alignment Model

Pressurizing Forces

Different Layers | Application and Business Function Layers

Different Layers

Onion Diagram: Inner Layers

Inside View | Inner Layers of Onion Diagram

Inside View of Onion diagram

2 Layered Wheel Diagram

Influencing Factors Models

Influencing Factors Model

Implications Models

Implications Models

2 Layers of Outcome

2 Layered Model | Layered Wheel

2 Layered Model

Layered Wheel Diagram

Layered Wheel Diagram

Four Factors Model

Segmented Wheels | Different Aspects

Segmented Wheels

Variation of Wheel Diagram | 4 Segments

Variation of Wheel Diagram

3d Multi Layered Wheel | 6 Factors Wheel

3d Multi Layered Wheel

4 Key Segments

Tiered Stages | Cone Diagram

Tiered Stages

4 and 5 Layered Factors Wheel

4 Layered Factors Wheel5 Layered Factors Wheel

2 Tier Wheel Diagram

Cause and Effect Models

Cause and Effect Models

Cluster Models

Cluster Models

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