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Learn to create PowerPoint hover or Mouse over Effect. Follow our simple instructions to create this interesting effect in your business presentations.

Quick word about PowerPoint Mouse over effect:

When you create self-running presentations, it is essential to find ways to keep the audience engaged all the time. Simple effects like ‘Mouse over effect’ in PowerPoint give you an option to sustain the interest level of the audience. In this article, you’ll learn a simple way to use the effect in a business presentation.

Here is the effect you’ll learn to create:

PowerPoint Mouse over Effect

When you move your mouse over the switch, it moves from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ position and vice versa. You can add text that explains the consequence of ‘On’ position and ‘Off’ position to lend meaning to this effect. Let us learn to create the effect in a step by step way.

Step 1: Set up the slides

Create two blank slides. On slide 1 – stick the image of a switch in ‘On’ position and on slide 2 – stick the image of the same switch in ‘Off’ position. It is essential that the switches are in the exact same location on both the slides, for this effect to work seamlessly.

Quick Tip:

You can replace the image of switch with any other image or shape of your choice, as long as the images or shapes look similar to each other and their relative position in the slide remains the same.

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Step 2: Add Mouse over effect

Go to Slide 1. Go to auto shapes menu and select the tool called ‘Action Button: Custom’:

Add Animation Action button

Draw a rectangle shape to cover the ‘Switch’ image completely. As soon as you finish drawing the rectangle, you will see a pop-up menu as follows:

Hyperlink for Animation Effect

Go to ‘Mouse over’ tab and click on the radio button next to ‘Hyperlink to’. Go through the options in drop down menu and click on ‘Next slide’.

Repeat the same process for Slide 2. This time, hyperlink the mouse over effect to ‘Previous slide’.

We don’t want the ‘rectangle’ of action button to cover our images. So, go to each slide, Right click on the shape and go to ‘Format shape’ dialog box. Go to ‘Fill’ and increase the transparency to 100%. Remove the outline. So now, the audience can’t see the transparent action button on top of the images.

The PowerPoint mouseover effect is complete.
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Smarter option for business presenters:

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