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Creative PowerPoint Pareto Iceberg Chart

 PowerPoint Pareto Iceberg Chart


PowerPoint Pareto diagram templates are used to showcase Pareto principle (also called as 80-20 Rule and Law of the Vital Few). The diagram set includes a data driven Pareto diagram (Pareto chart). Diagrams in the set help you to explain the concept of 20% effort yielding 80% result.

We have also included conceptual pie chart that shows 70-30 split and 70-20-10 split (which is used in Human Resource concepts).

Variation includes iceberg diagram which explains that in most problems only 10% of the symptoms are obvious and 90% of the causes are hidden. Other keywords that indicate the diagram set are: Pareto template and cause – effect chart.

Data Driven Pareto Charts | 70 30 HR Principle

Pareto Chart
70 30 HR Principle

Pareto Principle Concepts

Pareto Principle Concept
Pareto Principle


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