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Learn to magnify a picture or shape without pixelation during PowerPoint custom animation. Apply this useful technique in your business presentations.

The issue of Grow effect in PowerPoint photo animation:

There are a number of occasions where you would like to magnify a picture or shape with ‘Grow’ animation and find your image totally messed up as shown below:

Pixelated PowerPoint Photo AnimationIn this article, we will show you how to magnify an image without losing the quality in the final result. We will take the example of magnifying an image to 500% and still show a clear picture in the end. You can use the effect to…

  • Magnify a part of the map
  • Magnify a step in the process etc.

Let us see how to achieve the PowerPoint photo animation effect in a step by step way.

Step 1: Set the picture up

The first step is to take a high quality photo with the final size you want to show on the slide. Here is our example:

High Quality Photo for AnimationMake a copy of the picture. Right click on the copy and go to ‘Size and Position’ dialog box.  Click on ‘Lock aspect ratio’ and enter the value of 20% in Height column.

Lock Photo Aspect RatioPlace the copy on top of the original picture and go to Arrange -> Align middle and Align centre. You will get the following result:

To Create zoom effect in PhotoThe next step is to…

Step 2: Apply custom animation

We will apply three types of animations to get our final result:

  1. Click on the small image and go to custom animation pane. Apply the ‘Emphasis’ animation called ‘Grow/shrink’. Let the size grow to 500%. Once done, right click on the animation event in the pane and go to ‘Timing’. Enter the timing to be ‘0.2 seconds’
  2. Click on the small image again and apply ‘Exit’ animation called ‘Disappear’. Let the start be ‘After Previous’
  3. Click on the large image and enter ‘Entrance’ animation called ‘Appear’. Let the start be ‘After Previous’.

Image Size effect in PowerPointWhen you play the custom animation, the small image magnifies to 500% and disappears. It is immediately replaced by the large image. Since the timing is just 0.2 seconds you can’t notice the pixelated image getting replaced by clear image.

That is the secret behind the animation effect. You can use the basic idea for a number of situations in your business presentations.

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Variations of photo effect:

Here is an example showing an PowerPoint photo animation.

In the example above we have used motion path and zoom animations to create this interesting effect
Here is another slide with animated photos:

Source:  Picture Effects from Animations Pack

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