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Create a beautiful Picture Frame Template quickly in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instruction to create this useful template.

The PowerPoint Picture Frame you’ll learn is:

Isn’t the template beautiful? Though the template looks quite sophisticated, it is quite simple to create. But, before we learn to draw it, let us see…

Where to use Photo frame templates?

You can use the template to showcase your photo albums. Since you can replace pictures in the template quite easily by using ‘Change Picture’ option, you can add this slide to your standard PPT library as soon as you create it.

A useful variation to the template is to use multiple photos inside the frame (stacked one on top of the other) with ‘Fade exit’ custom animation as follows:

View the effect with animation below

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Here are the steps to create the photo frame:

Step 1: Creating the basic frame

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Frame tool’ to create the basic structure of a frame.

Frame Tool

The result is a simple boxed frame like this:

Basic Frame

Draw a rectangle touching the inner edges of the frame.

Give it a light color to distinguish it from the white background.

Right click on the rectangle -> Format shape -> Shadow -> Inner shadow -> Inside center -> Blur 24 Pt. This will give depth to the photo frame.

Base Photo Frame

Step 2: Fitting the picture in

Insert your picture inside the frame by going to Insert> Picture and selecting any beautiful picture that you want to showcase.

Give the picture an outline by adding a slightly larger rectangle around the picture. See the result:

See this tutorial here on how to create a focused effect in an image.

Step 3: Adding sheen on top of the frame

Add a right-angled triangle from the Autoshapes menu to match the rectangular frame.

Now, right-click on the shape Go to ‘Edit points’ and Change to FreeForm.

Change to Freeform

Then click on the bottom corner of the shape. Diamond Shaped handles show up to help you adjust the shape. Adjust the handles till you are happy with the shape of the sheen. Here is the result you may wish to achieve:

Sheen on Frame

To fill the shape, right click -> Format shape -> Fill – > Gradient fill ->

Stop 1: Position – 0%, white color, 30% transparency

Stop 2: Position – 50%, 100% transparency.

Usually there would be a Stop 3. Remove that and any other Gradient stops.

The final result of the step would be:

Picture frame after addting Sheen

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Step 4: Giving the frame finishing touches

You may want to fill the PowerPoint Picture Frame with ’picture fill’ – any wooden texture (which you can get from the net freely) to get a more realistic effect as follows:

Wooden frame

You can select the frame and go to Shape effects -> Presets -> Preset 2 to provide it with a Bevel.

Bevel Option in Menu

The final result will be a picture in a frame that looks polished:

PowerPoint Picture Frame

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Variations to PowerPoint Picture Frame:

We wish to show you some interesting variations to framing pictures. The templates are from our ‘PowerPoint 2 Volume Bundle for CEOs’ – with over 1600 editable PowerPoint charts, graphs, graphics, diagrams, and models.

Picture Placeholders

Source: Creative Text Boxes from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack 2

Blue Sky Idea from CEO Pack 2
Editable Book Cover from CEO Pack 2

Source: Picture display ideas from CEO Pack 2

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