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Discover Picture Layering technique and apply stunning effects on selected portions of your photos in PowerPoint.

About Artistic Effects:

PowerPoint 2010 offers a stunning array of artistic effects and picture correction options. Sometimes, we may not want to apply the effect to the entire image. Instead we want certain parts of our photos to stand out.

Today’s article will help you learn a cool technique to layer photos and achieve stunning artistic effects on certain portions of your photos.

See some interesting results we achieved using the technique:

Artistic glass effect applied partially:

Artistic glass effect applied partially:Artistic cement effect applied partially:

Cement Effect PictureBy applying the effect partially, we retain the sharpness of the original image in the areas we want to highlight.

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Today, let us learn a simple way to apply ‘black and white’ effect on certain portions of our photos. See the result you will achieve using the technique:

Black and White Effect on Part of PhotoLet us learn how to create this PowerPoint Picture effect in a step by step way:

Step 1: Create the base template

Go to Auto shapes menu. Using ‘Rectangle’ tool, draw a rectangle that matches the exact size of the photo. Remove the outline by using Format Shape> Line Color > No Line.

Rectangle for Fill PictureRight click on the rectangle -> Format shape -> Fill -> Picture or texture fill -> Insert from -> Brose and Insert the Picture from your desktop.

Insert the Picture You will get the following result:

Basic PictureQuick Note: The reason we use FILL Picture option instead of using the picture directly is because the Shape Subtract option in PowerPoint works on shapes only and not on Pictures. We need to use this option to create the effect as you will see in the next step.

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Step 2: Punch a hole where you want to highlight

Draw a circle on the area you want to highlight:

Circle on Area to HighlightSelect the rectangle first and select the circle while holding the shift key. Press ‘Shape subtract’ option. You will get the following template:

Shape Subtract OptionRelated: Set Up Quick Access Toolbar in 2010 for Shape Subtract Option

Step 3: Apply ‘black and white’ effect on this template

Right click on the template. Go to Format -> Color -> Color Saturation -> Saturation 0%.

Artistic Effects MenuYou will get the following saturated black and white picture:

Saturated PictureNow cut this template and paste it on top of the original color photo. The result will be this highlighted PowerPoint picture:

highlighted PowerPoint pictureIf you apply ‘black and white’ effect on the original photo instead of the template, you will get the following result:

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Applying different types of artistic effects to your PowerPoint Picture:

Instead of applying ‘0% saturation’ effect, you can go to ‘Artistic effects’ and choose the option you like on the template.

Different artistics effects menuYou will get some interesting results as shown at the beginning of this article. If you want to animate the overlaying template, follow these steps:

Select the overlaying template. Go to Animations -> Custom Animation -> Entrance ->On click -> Fade -> Very slow speed.

Good Visual Presentation is not just about using pictures in a fancy way. See how to use Pictures right way and wrong way.

Some interesting options in using PowerPoint Pictures:

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Picture Effect Text Box from CEO Pack

Text Box with Picture CEO Pack

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Multiple Pictures in CEO Pack

CEO Pack Text Boxes

Source: Text Boxes Section in PowerPoint CEO Pack

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