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PowerPoint Pros and Cons: Yin Yang


PowerPoint pros and cons diagram templates help you capture alternate viewpoints or to evaluate options for their merit or value. The set includes Yin Yang diagram. Some concepts you can communicate using the diagrams in the set are: Objective evaluation, idea clusters, opinion poll, positives and negatives, Yes or No points, for and against points, Right and wrong points and two sided arguments. The diagrams are a better way to represent contrasting opinion than T – charts which are used for similar purposes. The other keywords that indicate diagrams in this pack are: T chart and T diagram.

For & Against Thumbs Up Symbols & Vote Buttons

Alternate Viewpoints | Pros and Cons Tags

Yes and No Opinion Poll | 2 Sides of an Argument

For and Against text Boxes | Right and Wrong Cards

PowerPoint Options | Pros and Cons List

PowerPoint T Chart Diagram | PowerPoint Pros & Cons


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