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A puzzle is a useful diagram to be used in business presentations. It is quite easy to create the versatile puzzle pieces using PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instructions.
This tutorial has been updated with step by step video on how to create the Puzzle Diagram with the latest versions of PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint puzzle we will create today is:

PowerPoint Puzzle tutorial

 Doesn’t that look attractive?

You can create it under 2 minutes once you finish going through this easy tutorial.

Where can you use this puzzle diagram?

You can use the diagram to represent:

  • 4 inter related processes
  • 4 functions dependent on one another
  • 4 components of a whole etc.

The usefulness of the diagram is limited only by your imagination.

Step By Step Tutorial Video To Create Puzzle

Here are the steps involved in creating the puzzle:

If you observe the diagram closely, you will realize that it is composed of 4 copies of a single puzzle piece. Let us learn to create the piece using ‘Shape combine’ and ‘Shape subtract’ option in PowerPoint 2010 ( and later versions of PowerPoint).

Note : If your menu does not have these options, please set up the quick access toolbar. Tutorial here >>

Step 1: Create the basic arrow shapes

Draw a square and an arrow shape on a slide. Create a copy of the arrow and arrange the three shapes as follows:

PowerPoint Arrow tutorial

Ensure that the shape outline is removed by selecting ‘No outline’ option. This is critical to ensure that there are no gaps between the puzzle pieces when we arrange them together.

Step 2: Subtract the C arrow

Select shape A first and then select shape C while holding the ‘Shift’ button. Now, press the ‘Shape subtract’ option in quick access toolbar. You will get the following shape:

powerpoint shape subtract

Step 3: Merge the B Arrow

Select the new shape you created in step 2 and select the arrow ( shape B ) while holding the ‘Shift’ button. Press the ‘Shape combine’ option in quick access toolbar. This will get you the following shape:

PowerPoint Shape Merge option

This is the only shape you will need to complete the rest of the puzzle diagram.

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Step 4: Create copies to complete

Make 4 copies of the above piece and stick them by rotating them by ‘90° Right’ each time. You will get the completed puzzle diagram as follows:

PowerPoint Puzzle Diagram

Once you have this base diagram, you can add your own variations in colors and 3D format to enhance the look and feel of the diagram.

Here is an option with professional sheen effect to the PowerPoint puzzle:

powerpoint puzzle arrows from CEO Pack 1

Source: Puzzle Diagrams from CEO pack 1

We’d like to share more variations from our 750+ Charts and Diagram Templates CEO pack:

See the way we used 3D formatting in the puzzle diagram to get interesting results:

3d powerpoint puzzle diagram

We can have the diagram represent something deeper, by playing around with the elements. For example, we represented a missing piece of the puzzle as follows:

3d PowerPoint Puzzle Diagram

Source: Puzzle Diagrams from PowerPoint CEO Pack 1

We can even have the puzzle pieces arranged in a linear fashion to convey a different idea altogether. For example, take a look at this timeline diagram:

powerpoint timeline puzzle

It is fun to play around with the possibilities and save them as different diagrams for future use.

It helps to have an immediate access to a number of such useful diagrams to create meaningful presentations in a quick time.

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