3D PowerPoint Pyramid in 4 easy steps

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Learn How to Create a 3D Pyramid in Just 4 Easy Steps!

Are you tired of boring and unengaging business presentations? Do you want to add some visual appeal to your slides? Look no further! In this article, we will teach you how to create a stunning 3D pyramid in just four simple steps.

The 3D PowerPoint pyramid you will learn to create looks like this:

3D PowerPoint Pyramid

3D PowerPoint Pyramid

Once you master this technique, you can customize your pyramid to fit your specific needs and create unique variations for your business presentations.

So, let's dive into the four easy steps and create a visually appealing pyramid that will captivate your audience.

 Video Tutorial on How To Create 3D Pyramid Diagram

Step by Step Article on How To Create 3D Pyramid Diagram

Step 1: Create a Square

To begin, go to the ‘Auto shapes’ menu and select the ‘Rectangle’ tool. Draw a perfect square while holding the ‘Shift’ tab. This will ensure that your square is perfectly symmetrical.

Base Square for Pyramid

Step 2: Give it a 3D Perspective

Right-click on the square and select ‘Format shape’. Next, go to 3D rotation and choose the preset called ‘Off axis 1 Top’. This will give your square a 3D perspective, making it appear as if it is tilted towards you.

3D Perspective for Pyramid

3D Perspective for Pyramid

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Step 3: Add Bevel to the ‘Top’ Surface

Now it’s time to add some depth to your pyramid. Go to the ‘3D format’ option and choose the preset called ‘Angle’ for the top surface. This will create a bevel effect on the top of your square.

Add Bevel to Surface

Add Bevel to Surface

Step 4: Add Width and Height to the Bevel

To create the pyramid shape, you’ll need to add width and height to the bevel. Here’s a simple calculation to help you get it right: for every inch of the length of the square, add 36 points to the width. For example, if your square has a length of 2.5 inches, you’ll need to add 90 points to the width of the bevel (2.5 x 36 = 90).

Add Height and Width to Pyramid

Add Height and Width to Pyramid

What if your PowerPoint uses cms?

If your PowerPoint version uses a metric system and has cms instead of inches, you can multiply every cm with a factor of 14.2 to get the same result. 

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And there you have it – your very own PowerPoint pyramid! You can adjust the height of the pyramid to suit your needs, and even experiment with different colors and textures to make it truly unique.

With these simple steps, you can create a professional-looking pyramid that will impress your audience and add visual interest to your presentation.

To create step pyramid diagrams in PowerPoint, you can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and materials. For instance, you can add squares of increasing size one below the other and play around with the width and height of the ‘top surface bevel’ to achieve the desired effect.

Let us see some variations of the diagram taken from our PowerPoint Graphics CEO Pack volume 2.

Variation 1: Change the base shape:

 You can vary the base shape by using other shapes such as the ‘Document’ shape from the ‘Flow chart’ option in auto shapes menu to create a diagram like this:

Marketing Concepts from CEO Pack 2

Marketing Concepts from CEO pack 2

Source: Marketing concepts from CEO Pack 2 

Variation 2: Change the bevel surface

Another way to create an inverted step pyramid is by adding height and width to the bottom surface instead of the top surface. 

PowerPoint Block In Sales Funnel Diagram

PowerPoint Block In Sales Funnel Diagram

Variation 3:  Remove Fill 

You can remove the shape fill and use just the outlines to create a pyramid diagram template.

Tiered Hierarchy Pyramid from CEO Pack 2

Tiered Hierarchy Pyramid from CEO Pack 2

Variation 4: Vary the Material

under 3D format, you can choose a different ‘Material’ option to create your PowerPoint pyramid. For example, using the ‘Soft edge’ option for your material can produce a unique result like this:

Vertical Steps PowerPoint Template

Vertical Steps PowerPoint Template

The possibilities for creating different pyramid diagrams are endless, limited only by your creativity and imagination. However, creating professional-quality graphics from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging for most business presenters.

That's why we created CEO Pack Volume 2, which includes over 815 premium charts, graphics, and diagrams to help you visualize every business idea imaginable. With this pack, you can choose the template that matches your thought and replace the sample text with your own text to create professional-quality business presentations in no time. These graphics will make your business slides look remarkable and your message memorable.

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