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Discover a simple way to draw Roadmap in PowerPoint. Follow our step by step instructions to create this useful diagram for your business presentations.

The PowerPoint Roadmap diagram you’ll learn is:

PowerPoint Roadmap Tutorial

Though the diagram looks difficult, it is surprisingly simple to draw one.

Where to use Roadmap diagram in your business presentations?

Roadmap diagram is probably one of the most widely used diagrams in business presentations. You can use the diagram to represent:

  • Your company history and milestones
  • Project plan with broad timelines
  • Path to a goal
  • Steps involved in reaching an objective etc.

The uses for the diagram are limited only by your imagination. Let us learn to draw this useful diagram in a step by step way.

Step 1: Draw the road

Go to Auto shapes menu, choose ‘Trapezoid’ shape.

Trapezoid Shape in menu

Draw a trapezium that covers the entire width of the page and extends up to three -fourths of the page in length. Adjust the yellow handles at the top edge of the shape to simulate a 3D perspective for the road image. Remove the outline by right clicking on the shape, Format Shape> Line Color> No Line.

Fill the shape with Black color so that you have a basic road shape.

Road Background

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Step 2: Draw the divider line in the middle

Use the ‘Trapezoid’ tool again to draw a trapezium along the centre of the road. Adjust the bottom width of the shape to simulate a 3D perspective for the divider line. Remove the outline and fill the shape with white.

PowerPoint Roadmap with Line

Using line tool, draw horizontal lines along the length of the white trapezium. Increase the gap between the lines and increase the thickness of the lines as you approach the bottom of the page. Change the line color to black to get the following result:

Lines on Road

Step 3: Write the relevant text

Your road diagram is done. It is time to enter your text on the road. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while writing the text on the road.

  • Keep the font color white, to make the text appear with sufficient contrast
  • Once you write the text, click on the text; go to Format ->Text effects -> 3D rotation -> Perspective relaxed. This will make the text appear as if it is written on the road.

3D Text Effect Menu

  • Increase the size of the font as you approach the bottom of the page. Remember, things appear larger when they are closer to you and smaller when they are far away.

Roadmap in PowerPoint

This completes your roadmap diagram.

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Variations of Roadmap:

We wish to show you some interesting variations in roadmap diagram. The following diagram templates are part of our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts and Diagram templates pack for CEOs’.

Roadmap Plan for Following Years

Source: Roadmaps from PowerPoint CEO Pack

PowerPoint Roadmap

Steps in PowerPoint from CEO Pack

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