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In this article we will see when to use Set Transparent color vs remove background options in PowerPoint. When to use each tool depends on why you need to clear the background.

The Set Transparent Tool is an easy way to remove a solid colored background. However the picture edges are not cleared fully. In such cases it is better to use the Remove Background option.

PowerPoint Set Transparent Tools Comparison Between Background Tools

Below is a screenshot showing the difference when the 2 tools are applied. Can you find the difference?

PowerPoint Features used in this video

Check markSet Transparent BoxCheck markRemove Background Tool
Check markMark Areas To KeepTick MarkMark Areas to Remove

PowerPoint Versions in which you can follow this tutorial:

Tick mark PowerPoint 2013, 2016 & Higher
Tick mark PowerPoint 2010
Cross Mark PowerPoint 2007

Click play to view the tutorial:

The PowerPoint templates shown in this video are from:
PowerPoint Charts 2 CEO Pack Bundle

PowerPoint 2 CEO Pack Bundle
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