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Get rid of the overused arrows and boxes. Learn how to draw a creative PowerPoint diagram without using the usual shapes inbuilt in PowerPoint.

Who says you need PowerPoint shape to draw your diagram?

The first thing that may occur to you when you think of drawing a PowerPoint diagram is the same old arrows and boxes.
It is time to raise your sights beyond the obvious. With a little bit of imagination you can make some remarkable diagrams without using a single inbuilt PowerPoint shape.

Creative diagram 1: Using a simple leaf as a diagram object

Nature provides some interesting inspiration to use as objects for PowerPoint diagrams. In the following example, we used a simple leaf to showcase 5 presentation agenda points creatively

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If you wish to talk about ecology or environment, the above agenda slide can set the context for your presentation in a creative way.

Creative diagram 2: A growing plant can serve as timeline

If you are tired of using the same old chevron or arrow to serve as timeline, it is time to consider a creative alternative. Here we used the image of a growing plant to serve as a visual cue for representing timeline.

Source: PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

Since each stage is shown using animation, the impact is quite strong. The visual of a growing plant always has an emotional connect with the audience.

Creative diagram 3: Using a measuring tape to serve as timeline

Sometimes objects that have no direct connection to your subject can help you create some remarkable PowerPoint diagrams. Take a look at this diagram created using an analogy:

Source: Timelines from PowerPoint CEO Pack

The units of a measuring tape were used to represent years in a timeline. The image is very apt for a construction or engineering company. Interestingly, the remaining portion of the tape subtly signifies a long future waiting in store for the company.

Creative diagram 4: Using the image of fingers to list numbers

You can use the image of fingers to list items instead of relying on the usual bullet points.
It is quite common to use fingers to indicate numbers. This simple representation can be carried forward in your speech and serve as a visual hook.

Creative diagram 5: Using the visual of placards

Pros and Cons can be made interesting by using the visual of placards instead of the usual table. Here is an interesting visual diagram for this:

Source: Pros and Cons Section of PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

A clean visual is easy on the eye than the intimidating text in a two column table. Needless to say, you can use the idea of placards to show just about anything.

Conclusion of making PowerPoint diagram without using PowerPoint shape:

With a little bit of imagination it is possible to make some stunning PowerPoint diagrams without using the usual PowerPoint shape or Smart Art. Keep looking for ideas to spice up your presentation and you’ll surely come up with some creative ideas. If you’re too busy, you can use our creative PowerPoint diagram templates pack from where the above examples have been quoted.

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