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In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to play with Shapes in PowerPoint to create your custom diagram easily.
Unique shapes are useful to convey concepts. The more shapes you have at your disposal, the easier it gets to convey your ideas accurately and quickly.

The PowerPoint Shape you’ll learn to create is:

Propeller Shape Tutorial PowerPointThis simple yet attractive Propeller diagram can be used to convey a number of ideas. The diagram is especially useful to convey strategic and leadership concepts. Here are…
Some useful concepts you can convey with the above diagram:

  • If the central hub represents the vision of an organization, the blades represent ‘values and principles’ that propel the organization forward
  • If the hub represents leadership, the blades may be resources, planning, policies, system etc.
  • If the hub represents profitability, the blades are revenue generation, cost reduction, accurate accounting etc.

In essence, hub represents the core idea, and blades represent supporting elements.

Now that we’ve seen the usefulness of the diagram, let us learn…

How to draw a simple blade shape:

The diagram has just two components- blades and the hub:

Elements Propeller in PowerPointWhile ‘Hub’ is nothing more than a filled circle, it is the shape of the blades that makes the diagram look attractive and different. Though the blades look quite difficult to create, in reality it is surprisingly easy to create the shape.

First, draw a trapezoid shape from the auto shape menu.

Tutorial TrapezoidNow, go to Format -> Convert to Freeform. You will notice 4 points in the four corners (Trapezoid on the Right). Right click on one of the corners on the top edge and you’ll see a menu like this:

Shape Right Click MenuSelect ‘Smooth point’. Do the same for the other corner on the top. You would get the following fan/blade shape:

Propeller Blade ShapeNow, the blade of the propeller is ready. The next step is to copy it twice and arrange the blades:

Base Fan PowerPointYou can arrange the bottom edge to form the shape of a triangle, square, pentagon or any other shape depending on the number of blades you want in the propeller.

The final step is to draw a circle big enough to cover the shape formed in the middle. You can fill the blades with any color gradient you want.

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Varieties of Shapes and Diagrams:

Once you understand the basics taught above, you can come up with your own variations of diagrams. Take a look at some of the diagram templates we created:

Propeller Diagram in PowerPoint

Propeller Diagram from Charts and Diagram CEO Pack

Propeller with 6 blades created using Chevrons.

Chevron Propeller Diagram from Charts and Diagram CEO Pack

Source: Unique Diagrams in PowerPoint from CEO Pack

Star Burst : PowerPoint Shapes

PowerPoint Star Shapes from CEO Pack 1

Source: PowerPoint Callouts from CEO Pack

Octopus Shaped Diagram

Octpus PowerPoint Diagram from CEO Pack 1

Source: Unique PowerPoint Diagrams from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

About the Diagram collection:

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Conclusion about PowerPoint Shapes:

A visual slide always trumps a text based slide in its effectiveness and appeal. When you convey your ideas using diagrams your message becomes memorable.

This site has a number of useful tutorials to help you make a wide variety of business diagrams. Please go through them and recommend to your friends.

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