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There is making a PowerPoint presentation and there is making a PowerPoint presentation that sells your ideas and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Do your PowerPoint slides sell your ideas?

If you can’t answer that question with enough conviction, then read on. Let’s see what makes your presentation slides sell.

Imagine you are preparing a critical presentation…

You spend hours brainstorming your ideas. You spend even more time creating a persuasive argument to move your audience into action.

You list all your points in bullets and stick all your data from excel sheets to your slides and you get ready to take on the world.

When you enter the meeting room and put on your first slide, your audience opens their mouth – not to express surprise but …to let out a yawn.

All those grueling hours you spent preparing your ideas seem to mean nothing to your audience. You wonder what went wrong.

What went wrong with the presentation?

You didn’t spend as much time packaging your ideas as you spent producing them.

Since your audience equates the clarity of your slides to the strength of your thinking, you lose business.

Remember, your slides package your ideas.

Not just that. Your poor slides may be hurting you in ways you never imagined.

It has been found that when people see unclean toilets in a hospital, they imagine unsafe hygiene conditions in the surgery rooms.

When air travelers see broken chairs in a flight, they imagine unsafe aircraft engines.

They may not be correct in their assumptions. But, perception is reality.

So, when you present the usual, average, boring slides in your presentation, you may be suggesting that your offering is ordinary too.

Unfortunately, poor slides are like bad breath. Even the ones that care about you may not bring it to your notice. They just tune off.

It is up to you hone your skills…

Making good slides is not an option anymore but a necessity for your business survival. It is up to you to take the time to learn how to make good slides.

It’s not easy to overcome some of the poor habits you picked up, while learning to make PowerPoint slides. You may have been influenced by some useless but popular rules like 6 bullets in a slide and 6 words per bullet.

It is time to unlearn the poor habits and learn a new and more efficient way to make PowerPoint slides.

In this section, you’ll learn everything you need to make an impression on your audience. When you follow the suggestions in this site, your slides will stop looking like this…

The traditional slide

Usual Bullet Slide
and start looking like this…

After going through presentation process

Graphic Visual Slide
Sample from Powerful Diagrams Pack

The difference will not only be in the look and feel of your PowerPoint slides, but also in the way your audience reacts to your presentations and in the way your business grows.

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