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Do your PowerPoint slides reflect the quality of your brand promise? In this article you will find the ways to make the difference in the way customer presentations are created by improving your presentation process.
Focus on Customer Presentations

Businesses try to make every moment of truth remarkable:

If you have never heard of the term ‘Moment of truth‘ let me quickly explain the term to you.

Moment of truth – is any point where your customer engages with your business. The engagement could be in any form. For example, a customer could walk into your office premises, visit your website, interact with your service reps on phone etc. All those are your customer’s ‘moment of truth’ about your company and its offering.

We have seen instances where companies spend millions of dollars so their ads look high class and their website looks awesome. They spend heavily to create eye popping videos they upload to YouTube. They spend even more to get their customer service team trained to sound ‘professional’.

However, it is surprising to see that most businesses spend almost next to nothing when it comes to making their presentation slides look professional and visually pleasing.

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Quality of Brand Promise

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Most of the investment in improving slides is superficial:

For some companies, improving the quality of their slides means nothing more than purchasing some fancy PowerPoint backgrounds for the occasion. Quite honestly, a poor presentation doesn’t convey your message any better just because the background looks cool.

The real investment should be in terms of time and effort. The change needs to reflect in the way the staff approaches their presentations.

Today, most presentations are prepared in a hurry – almost on the way to meeting clients. New slide decks are created by picking and sticking slides from old presentations. Naturally, the slides lack design consistency, seamless flow and a compelling story.

It is time for a cultural change:

If a company needs to make better presentations – to match the quality and commitment they put into every other area of their operations – they need to make a significant cultural change in the way they approach their presentation creation process.

Here are a couple of suggestions to bring about the change:

1. Appoint a ‘client champion’ to vet your slides

You may have set up many layers of approvals for the content you put on your slides. But, is there someone vetting your slide deck from the point of view of your customer? Is there someone commenting on the clarity and flow of information on your slides?

If not, it is time to institute the process now. Get someone in your team act as your client. Present your slides to the person just as you would present to your client. Get an honest opinion of what he/she could get from your slides. You would be surprised at the insights you get.

2. Make a central repository of your ‘Winning presentation decks’

Every time you get some positive results (true ROI) from your customer presentations, make sure you post those slides to your knowledge management system, intranet or a central server – so everyone can take a look at the slide deck. Add a few lines to provide context. Give an option for people to comment on the slides.

You would be surprised at how quickly people start adopting practices from winning slide decks without your having to push them for it. Some of the comments they offer can make your slide decks even better than what they already are.

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A summary of the 2 ideas to improve your presentation creation process

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Changes suggested in Presentation Process
Changes suggested in Presentation Process

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The templates showcased above are from our 750+ Flat Design Templates Pack for PowerPoint. Want to browse through the templates and download them? Click here.


Your slide decks are your biggest moments of truth. When you make your presentations, your audience doesn’t just evaluate the strength of your offer, but also the quality of your promise from the way your slide decks are built.

You may not have every client walking through your shop doors. You may not even have them visiting your website. Sometimes your slides may be the only chance they get to form an opinion about you and your organization. Don’t mess up that chance.

We wish to hear your ideas about what we just shared with you. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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