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Learn a simple PowerPoint slides design. Make a glossy ball in PowerPoint 2007 and use it in a number of ways to spruce up your slide design effectively.
The Glossy Design you’ll learn today is:

PowerPoint Slide Design Glossy BallYou’ll learn how to create this beautiful glossy ball in a simple step by step process in PowerPoint® 2007. I suggest you have PowerPoint open and follow the steps in the tutorial.

First, draw a perfect circle…

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 1

To ensure that the ball is a perfect circle, you need to follow this step by step process:
1. Draw a circle using the oval tool while holding the ‘Shift’ button.
2. Right click on the circle and go to Format Shape option.
3. Select the Fill Type as Gradient fill.

Then, format the object and set the gradient type…

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 2

4. In the Gradient Fill option, keep just two Gradient stops and remove the rest, by clicking on the Remove button.
5. Then, select the Type of gradient as Radial
6. Set the Direction of the fill as ‘From Center’. This ensures that our ball gets a nice smooth fill in two shades.

Then, choose the gradient colors…

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 3

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 4

7. In the Gradient Stops option, keep the Stop 1 position at 0% and choose the color as Lighter 80% of any color. Let’s take Dark Blue for our example.
8. Keep the Stop 2 position at 70%. Choose the color as Darker 50% of the same color (these two shades are usually the two extremes of a color in the PowerPoint color palette). Choose the Shape outline color in LINE Tab to be ‘No Outline’. This ensures that the outline color of our glossy ball doesn’t stand out.

Finally, to make create the glossy effect…

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 5

If you have followed the PowerPoint Tutorial so far, you should have got a nice round ball in two shades. Now, it is time to add the gloss.
9. For that, draw a circle around 60% the size of the ball.
10. Keep the fill color as white and remove outline. We will convert this into the gloss to add flourish to our glossy ball.

PowerPoint Tutorial Slide Design 6

11. Go to Gradient fill option as we discussed earlier. Keep the fill type as ‘Linear’ (this is the default type option). Choose just 2 stops and remove the rest, like we did earlier. Keep ‘Stop 1’ position at 0%. Choose the color as white. Keep the transparency level at 36%.
12. Keep ‘Stop 2’ position at 100%. Choose the color as white. Keep the transparency level at 100%. (Since ‘Stop 2’ color is set as 100% transparent the choice of ‘Stop 2’ color doesn’t matter).

PowerPoint Glossy Ball

Now, position the gloss just below the top edge of the circle as you see in the picture. Voila! You got your glossy ball ready. You can choose a nice shadow to allow the ball land nicely on the ground Creating good shadows is another tutorial altogether.

NEW ! View Tutorial Video About Creating Glossy Ball

Using PowerPoint Glossy Balls effectively…

Here are some remarkable templates made with glossy balls. They are part of our PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO pack which has 750+ stunning PowerPoint diagram templates you can use instantly.

PowerPoint Diagram Timeline Created with Glossy Ball

PowerPoint Diagram Template Timeline

PowerPoint Diagram Roadmap

PowerPoint Diagram Template RoadMap

Source: PowerPoint Roadmap from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Presentation Diagram Next Steps

PowerPoint Diagram Template Next Steps

PowerPoint Diagram Scales Comparison

PowerPoint Diagram Template Comparison

Diagram instead of Bullet Points or List

PowerPoint Diagram Template Bullet Points

Source: PowerPoint Timeline from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Conclusion of PowerPoint slides design

It is quite easy to make a glossy ball and the uses are unlimited. Follow the tutorial and make stunning PowerPoint slides design. If you don’t want to waste time, you can purchase our PowerPoint Charts & Diagram Pack and make stunning presentations instantly.

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