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PowerPoint Spirals showing Progress

Description:Here are 19 variations of PowerPoint spiral model to add to your business presentations. The concepts you can portray using the templates in this set are: Progress timeline, going through the levels, passing through the loops, developing through the cycles, spiraling up, DNA spiral, cyclical process, spiraling wheel diagram etc. You can choose the diagram depending on the relationship you want to portray.

Going through Levels | Spiral Process

Going through Levels

Horizontal Spiral Showing Intermediate Stages

Pass through Loops | Loops to Pass Through

Pass through Loops

Spiral Movement

Passing though Loops | Developing through Cycles

Passing though Loops

Positive and Negative Loops

Spiraling Up | 4 Segments

Spiraling Up

Wheel Diagram with Spiral

DNA Double Helix | Stages of Cyclical Process

DNA Double Helix

Transition from one to another

Curved Movement | Cyclic Process


Spiraling Wheel Diagram

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