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Discover a simple way to draw amazing 3D beveled Star in PowerPoint within 60 seconds. Follow our step by step instruction to create this beautiful diagram

The PowerPoint Star you will learn to create today is:

PowerPoint Star Tutorials

The shades, lighting and texture of the diagram are as good as an illustration made in Photoshop.

What is interesting to note is – while it may take a long time to create this diagram in high end software, you can create this stunning diagram in less than a minute in PowerPoint. We will show you how in this article.

Where to use the beveled Star diagram in your presentations?

You can use it to represent any concept that contains five connected elements. Whether you want to represent 5 factors that contribute to quality or 5 reasons that lead to success, you can use the diagram to convey your message.

Let us learn to create the diagram now:

Step 1: Draw the Star shape

Go to Auto shapes menu and select a star from the Stars and Banners sub menu. Draw the star while holding the ‘Shift’ tab.

Star Shape in PowerPoint

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Step 2: Create a 3D bevel

Right click on the shape and go to Format shape -> 3D format – >Bevel Top -> Circle. Choose the same option for Bevel Bottom too.

Now for some quick and simple maths….

From ‘Format’ Option find the height and width of the Star in inches. Multiply the height and width by 36 pts each. Enter the values against the top and bottom bevels.

In our case, the height and width of the star were 5 inches each. So, we entered 180 pts for the top and bottom bevels as follows:

The result is this stunning star:

Simple Beveled Star

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Step 3: Complete the diagram with reflection and shadows

Add a rectangular bar at the bottom and use reflection and shadows for the Star to give a professional look to your slide.

You can add call outs and change color of the Star to suit your needs. If you had followed the instructions correctly, you would have a remarkable diagram template like this:

PowerPoint Star Tutorials

Variations of PowerPoint Star diagram:

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