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Learn to create table in PowerPoint with rounded corners. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create these interesting tables for your business presentations.

The PowerPoint table with rounded corners you will learn to create:

Rounded Table in PowerPoint

The rounded corners make the chart look more appealing. In this article you will learn a simple way to create these interesting charts. Let us learn the steps right away.

Step 1: Create the base chart

Go to ‘Insert’ tab in the PowerPoint ribbon and click on ‘Table’. Create a table with the dimensions you need. Choose a design of your choice. In the following example, we chose a basic design:

Basic Table PowerPoint

Unfortunately there is no direct option available in PowerPoint to convert this stiff looking table into a cool looking table with rounded corners. So, we need to do a bit of workaround to get there.

Step 2: Break the table down

Select the object and ‘Cut’ it. Go to the drop down menu under ‘Paste’ tab and choose Paste special -> Picture (Windows Metafile) option.

Right click on the picture and ‘ungroup’ it twice. This breaks down the table into its individual elements. Each of the colored cells is now an auto shape.

Step 3: Use ‘Change auto shape’ option

Hold the ‘shift’ tab and select the cells in the four corners as shown below:

Select Table Corners

Go to ‘Format’ tab and choose Edit shape -> Change shape -> Rectangles and choose ‘Round Single corner rectangle’.

Change Shape to Rounded Rectangle

Go to individual rectangles you selected and pull the yellow handles to allow for maximum curvature as shown below:

Adjust Curvature of table

The last step is to rotate the rounded corners so that they form the rounded corners of the table. Select each of the cells and go to ‘Arrange’ -> Rotate and perform the following alteration:

You will get the final result as follows:

Final Rounded table in PowerPoint

It is that simple to add rounded corners.

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