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Discover a simple way to create a nifty data driven thermometer chart in PowerPoint. Follow our step by step instruction to create this useful diagram.

The PowerPoint Thermometer you’ll learn is:

PowerPoint Thermometer TutorialIsn’t it eye catching? What’s great is, since it is data-driven you can reuse it easily.

To reuse, all you need to change the fill levels is – Right click on the image -> Edit data -> enter relevant values in the worksheet. Nifty, isn’t it?

Let us learn to draw this elegant diagram template in simple steps:

Step 1: Drawing a simple column chart

Insert -> Chart -> Clustered column (the first option). Ensure that you choose only a single set of values and remove the rest of the columns in the worksheet. You’ll get a column chart that looks like this:

Column Chart in PowerPoint

Step 2: Removing all the unnecessary elements

We just need the columns in the chart. So, you can click on all the other irrelevant elements in the chart and delete them:

Remove Labels in GraphRight click on the columns and add data labels. The result will be as follows:

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Step 3: Removing the grid lines

Click on the chart. Go to Layouts -> Gridlines -> Primary Horizontal Gridlines -> None. This will remove all the gridlines.

Change Layout PowerPoint ChartChange the color of the column to suit your need. You can make the columns more attractive by selecting the columns ->Shape effects -> Presets -> Preset 2

Setting Bevel for ChartYour PowerPoint Thermometer chart should look like this:

Beveled PowerPoint ChartYou may like:5 Tips For Better Data Presentation

Step 4: Giving the façade of a thermometer

Draw rounded rectangles around each of the columns. Adjust the yellow handle at the top corner to get maximum curvature:

Thermometer Base for ChartAdd a circle at the bottom end of the columns and fill color to match the color of the columns.

PowerPoint Thermometer with BaseRelated: Get inspiration for charts and diagrams

Step 5: Giving the finishing touches

You can do this by adding sheen to the circular bulb.

Draw a vertical rectangular bar, fill it with white color and adjust the transparencies to mimic the vertical sheen of the glass.

Add a grey rectangle to the bottom of the slide and ‘send it back’. Select the bulbs and add a reflection. The final result will be as follows:

PowerPoint Thermometer TutorialOnce you learn to draw this diagram, you can create your own variations depending on your imagination.

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Variations to Data-Driven Thermometer:

Take a look at these remarkable data driven charts:

Thermometer Showing Percentages

Thermometer Showing Percentages

Dual Thermometer Graphs – Just enter your data to use

Dual Thermometer graphs

Source: Thermometers from Visual Graphs Pack

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Infographic of truck showing percentage loaded

Infographic of truck showing percentage loaded

Source: Percentage Completion Infographic from Graphs Pack

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