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Animated PowerPoint Tree Growth Diagram

PowerPoint Tree


This PowerPoint diagram templates set includes cluster diagrams and decision trees. Cluster diagrams are used as graphic organizers for thought groups. They are also called as cloud diagrams. They are not only used for the regular decision tree analysis, but also for representing Family tree or Organization tree. You can even use them as network diagrams by combining them with relevant icons. The set includes diagrams that use Tree metaphor to show organization growth, ‘effort – result’ relationship and growth in branches or divisions. The related social network tree are also part of this set.

PowerPoint Decision Tree Variations

Decision tree
powerpoint decision tree

Cause and Effect Analysis Tree

Cause and effect Analysis
Tree showing growth

Root Cause Analysis | Tree and Organization Growth

Tree and Organization Growth
Root Cause Analysis

Simple PowerPoint Tree | Creative Decision Flow

Decision tree simple
Creative Decision Tree Alternative

Decision Flow Diagram

PowerPoint Decision Tree

Tree as a Metaphor: Growth Timeline

Tree growth timeline
tree growth timeline

PowerPoint Decision Tree Vertical | Horizontal

decision tree horizontal
decision tree vertical

Social Media Impact Tree| Network Tree

social network diagram
network tree

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