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Here are some simple and innovative ways to use a Triangle in PowerPoint for your business diagrams. Get inspired to come up with your own variations.

Quick word about PowerPoint triangle:

When you go to auto shapes menu, you will find two types of triangles under ‘Basic shapes’ option. One is ‘Isosceles triangle’ and the other is ‘Right triangle’.

PowerPoint triangleWhile Isosceles triangle has a diamond handle which allows you to manipulate the shape of the triangle, right triangle doesn’t have any (You can always convert the isosceles triangle into right triangle easily. So, right triangle option is practically redundant).

In this article, we will find some simple and interesting ideas to use triangle shape in PowerPoint to create useful business diagrams.

Using the triangles for a simple timeline template:

You can place small isosceles triangles on a line to create a timeline template as follows:

Triangle to create timeline Tip: To create a perfect Isosceles triangle hold the ‘Shift’ tab while drawing the isosceles triangle.

We applied quick style to the shapes to add visual interest to the timeline diagram. Using relevant custom animation to the diagram allows time for the presenter to explain the events along the timeline easily.

Use multiple triangles in conjunction

You can use more than one triangle to create your business diagrams. For example, you can place multiple triangles – one inside the other to create layered models. Here is an example of a layered model diagram created using simple PowerPoint triangle auto shape:

Multiple Triangles Layered Model

Source: PowerPoint Models from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

You can place two triangles pointed at each other to create a convergence model diagram as shown below:

Convergence Model with Triangle

Creating large segmented triangle by combining shapes

You can combine triangle shape with trapezoid shape from auto shapes menu to create large segmented triangles.  Here is an example of applying segmented triangle in business diagrams:

Segmented Triangle

Source: Cause and Effect Models from CEO Pack 2

Here is another example of applying the idea:

PowerPoint Target Templates from CEO pack 2

Source: PowerPoint Target Templates from CEO pack 2

Create puzzles using triangle shape in PowerPoint

Your triangle diagram need not be boring. You can use ‘Shape union’ and ‘Shape subtract’ options in PowerPoint 2010 to create some interesting puzzle diagrams.  Here is are 2 examples:

PowerPoint Puzzle Diagrams from CEO Pack 2

Source: PowerPoint Puzzles from CEO Pack 2

Tip: If you use PowerPoint 2010 and you have still not altered your quick access toolbar to include ‘Shape union’ related buttons, you may go through this article to learn the method to do so.

Thus with a bit of imagination and creativity you can create a whole range of useful business diagrams using triangle shape in PowerPoint.

There is no doubt that professional looking business graphics can make your presentations more memorable. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to create such high quality graphics from scratch.

If you are a busy business presenter who can’t afford to invest the time needed to create such graphics for yourself, we recommend you take a look at the PowerPoint Graphics and Concepts CEO pack 2 from which all the templates in this article are taken.

You just need to choose the template that matches your thought and replace the sample text with your own text. Creating professional quality business slides has never been easier.

Why waste time creating your graphics and diagrams from scratch, when you can invest the time in creating better content instead?

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