Secret to Creating An Attractive Funnel Diagram Fast

Learn a simple step by step process to create a PowerPoint funnel diagram. You can use the funnel as a template to customize the number of layers as per your choice.

Funnel diagram is probably one of the most frequently used diagrams in presentations.

Take a look at the beautiful funnel diagram you’ll learn to make today:

What you need for drawing a PowerPoint funnel:

Though the diagram looks complex, you need just 3 shapes to draw this diagram. They are ellipses (8), Trapeziums (3) and a rectangle (1).

Step 1: Getting the shapes in order

Draw 3 trapeziums using the Flowchart: Manual Operation option in Auto Shapes.

Then, draw 8 elliptical shapes and one rectangle from the auto shape option.

Fill the ellipses with white and leave the remaining shapes as transparent. This makes it easy for you to align the objects.

Put together the objects the way it shown in the following PowerPoint diagram:

You need to get the right proportions for the trapeziums and match the length of the ellipses to the two edges of each trapezium.

Now, in the rest of this PowerPoint Tutorial, you’ll learn to color this structure to make it look professional.

Step 2: Shading one layer of the funnel

First select and group the bigger ellipse and the trapezium.

Then, Fill color in the smaller ellipse with ‘Darker 25%’ of any color of your choice. We chose to use Dark Blue, Text 2 and Darker 25%.

Now it is time to color the grouped ellipse and trapezium.

Right click the group and go to ‘Format shape’ option. In that select the gradient fill and choose Moss preset.

Once you select the preset, make sure that the type is linear and the direction of Gradient Fill is chosen as Linear Right.
Now, you are ready to choose your gradient fill colors.Go to Stop Position 1 and change the color to Darker 25% of your choice. In this PowerPoint Tutorial, we chose Dark Blue, Text 2 and Darker 25%.

In the same gradient fill option, Stop Position 2, choose a Lighter 40% color.   You may also like to see this tutorial on how to use simple gradient shading to make your elements appear 3D.

Finally in the Gradient Stop position 3 of the gradient choose Darker 25% again.   Remove the outline for both the ellipses and the trapezium. Repeat the process for the remaining layers as well.

Step 3: Shading the stalk of the funnel

  • To shade the stalk of the funnel, select the same Moss preset.
  • For Stop 1, choose Black, Text 1, Lighter 50%.
  • For Stop 2, choose White, Background 1, Darker 50%.
  • For Stop 3, choose Black, Text 1, Lighter 50% again.

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Step 4: Finishing the funnel

The funnel is pretty much ready now and you may draw 3 downward arrows to indicate input into the funnel.

If you’d followed the PowerPoint Tutorial so far, you can create a PowerPoint slide with funnel that looks like this:

Variations of Funnel Diagrams

When you learn how to create the funnel with right shading, you can make your own variations. Here are some variations that we have created:

Source: ​PowerPoint Funnel Diagrams from CEO pack

Hope you got some ideas on how to use PowerPoint funnel diagram in your presentations and make your message memorable.

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