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Represent ANY business idea quickly and visually.

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Feedback: from CEOs

Rutger Pekelharing, CEO, Cloud Software, Netherlands

It is helpful and it saves much time when you can browse through a stack of templates and then select and convert a suitable template for your own pitch. Not only that, it professionalizes the image of our presentations.

Heiko PLange, Director, Western Australian Museum Foundation, Australia

PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack allows you to translate complex ideas into simple diagrams.

Howard Rogers, CEO, Insurance Industry

There are a wide assortment of slides with specific views that greatly improve your typical PowerPoint. The big key is the amount of time it takes to normally build something similar.

Peter Burns, CEO, YMCA, Australia

Great ideas and fresh approach. Support is very responsive – quick reply and problem resolution.

Benjamin Levine, President, UnitedDC, Plastic Resin Packaging & Logistics Industry

Not only graphics and styles I’ve not been able to find anywhere else for free (like on MS.com), but to have so much in a single deliverable is great. Also, being able to ungroup items and modify them to fit my specific use has been critical.

Marjo Roos, Owner & Creative Director, Marjo Roos Visuele Communicatie

The CEO Pack is very useful as it contains all possible diagrams and models you woud ever need. There easy to edit and incorporate in your presentations. The CEO Pack has saved me a lot of time in the past few years! Presentation-Process has an excellent support team, quick follow up and good service.

Faisal Alsayegh, CEO | Human Resources | United Arab Emirates

I create a range of presentations from Strategy /Business Model, Company Presentation, Performance Updates to Training / e-learning. I really liked the ease of use of the product and found the templates to be original and new. My experience with this product overall has been Excellent.

Vicky Lynn Hollenweger, CEO | Healthcare Industry

I've been setting up email coaching for my company and it had been useful in creating graphs to illustrate the idea I am trying to convey

Feedback: Customers in Training & HR

Mike Bauer , eLearning Manager | Macy’s Credit and Customer Service | United States

This is an excellent array of PowerPoint templates. If all presentations looked like these templates, you’d no longer have to worry about “death by PowerPoint”. It’s a great product for a great value. The concepts alone are worth the price.

C.Smereka, Workforce Training Solutions | Academia | United States

I create a range of presentations and found the product to have stunning graphics and easy of use. I would rate this product as excellent.

Carmen de Salas, Teacher | EDYFICO | Mexico

First of all, the charts are absolutely beautiful, easy to use and allow to sell ideas very well. I contact you because I realized I had made a mistake typing the email to send me the link. Your response was very quick and efficient. Excellent!

Christi Wedel, Training Manager, LYND Company

The Pack helped to beef up a recent presentation I have to my Executive Team on changing platforms for my entire organization and I received great feedback.
Support Feedback: I received immediate support on a download issue.

Azlan Mohamed Zain, Customer Relations Officer, International Islamic University Malaysia

When i purchased the CEO pack, I was tasked to prepare a presentation for external judges for our Quality Agency Award. The judges and also my bosses were impressed with the presentation. It definitely helped to sway the judges decision. TQVM.

Luke C. Lu, Manager Technical Training, Product Safety Testing & Certification Industry

The graphics are graceful and easy to be edited per needs.

Greg , Director | CEXINO/E-Learning

This is a nice comprehensive design collection – useful as reference or to quickly make a presentation & a time saver.

Feedback:  Sr. Managers

Nelson Couvertier, Vice President, IPC Trading

Before the CEO pack, I had to work on creating the best way to use graphics within a PowerPoint. I heavily relied on text and spreadsheets with additional graphics to highlight points, this was always a struggle and time consuming. With the CEO pack I have been able to go through the templates and select slides that help get the message across with more graphics and less dependencies on spreadsheets. I am due to present in a few weeks, but feel this approach will allow for a better conversation.

Ted Gillary, COO of a Private Club | United States

I create a number of Strategy /Business Model presentations and I found the slides from the 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack were easy to adopt for my presentations.

Yaser Moharrak, Director | Samara | Saudi Arabia

This is a very good product, it helps me to get my ideas translated fast in any selected slide. My order was collected very fast and my overall experience is excellent.

Madhu Jethwani, General Manager, Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd.

It is amazing, gives an edge to an otherwise dry presentation.

Youcef Belkhir, Sourcing, Oil & Gas industry, Norway

This pack..improves communication efficiency, more interesting presentations.

Ken Hardman, Business Owner

I am currently using certain graphics to support particular ideas in our book. Arte has been very responsive to my questions.

Feedback: Customers in Financial Services

Susanna Joiner, CMO, Financial Services Industry, United States

I usually create Company highlights and Company metrics presentations. I love the variety of the diagrams in the PowerPoint diagrams pack. You have a better variety and overall my experience with this pack is very good.

Dr. Stephen Ogunyemi, Vice President : Financial Services Industry | United States

I create a number of corporate presentations. What I like most about the 750+ PowerPoint charts & Diagrams is the clean edges. Compared to other templates, your pack is professional. I have had a very good experience with your product.

Mark Frank, Analytics Manager | Banking Industry | United States

I really liked the variety and creativity of the CEO Pack. Keep up the great work – these slides are outstanding!

Mike Smith, VP Marketing, Credit Union, US

Made “telling a story” so much easier, and more professional.

Keith Lindsay, President, Financial Services, UK

Fast, on the road brainstorming of ideas allowing to skip the paper and pen mock up of thoughts to pass on to my assistant.

Teri Cohn, Treasurer | KPC Capital | United States

Insightful, easy to use and very creative templates for business presentations!

Feedback: Customers from Online/ IT 

David Hutchison ,President | IT Consulting | United States

The quality of the templates and the ability to edit them is excellent. Found the website to be informative and accurately representing the products.

Bo Wandell, Executive | IT Services | United States

The CEO Pack really accelerated my development of an important PowerPoint presentation. I found the chart template and associated ideas very useful.

Anuar Alarcon, Sales Manager | IT Industry | Mexico

I create a variety of presentations like Strategy /Business Model, Company Presentation, Sales and Marketing. I love the ease of use of the CEO pack. It provides a lot of flexibility to edit slides and use the templates in my current decks.

Jai Vinod, Sales | Homesales.com | Australia

I typically create Sales presentations. I really liked the way I can easily create stunning powerful presentation slides with the product. I contacted you for some problem with adding shapes and your response of very quick and efficient. Well done …keep it up!

Feedback: Customers in Pharma/ Medical

Andy Phillips, Business Development Manager | Medequip UK

We were first impressed by one of the tutorials on your website and then went through your slides. The range and variation in the CEO Pack is excellent and even those that are “not quite there” are easily amended to fit. It is brilliant! Your slides will give a real upgrade to our presentations – thank you!

Russell Bessette M.D. , Owner, Retd.

I'm a retired physician/surgeon engaged in producing movies that explain diagnosis and information on various treatments for chronic illnesses. Presentation Process is of great help to me for several reasons:
1. Their discussions on how to make dynamic power point slides has taught me new uses for power point and produced outstanding animates slides for my future use.
2. The CEO Power Pack 1 is filled with incredible slides that are immediately useful in my video series.
3. The educational course that are offered is an opportunity that I will avail myself to.
4. The rapid response of Arte and technical support has been amazing and leaves me with the impression that Presentation Process is a company here for the long term.

Pedro Ricart, President-Owner | pedroRICART Soluciones Creativas | Dominican Republic

I usually create Training and dental-medical presentations. What I like most about the PowerPoint diagrams pack I purchased is its easy of use and modification. I have purchased diagrams from other sites, but these are the best! Overall I would rate the product 9 / 10

Terry McCully , CC & BW in Medical Industry | Canada

I create number of different types of presentations. What I liked most about the CEO Pack is that it saved me a lot of work. I would rate my experience with this product overall as Excellent.

Shady Adel El Masni, Key account specialist | Nutricia Advanced medical nutrition-part of Danone | Saudi Arabia

Innovative templates and easy to use! It is useful to me for representing my ideas in a professional way.

Doug Shaddick, Training Developer | Healthcare | United States

I create Company Presentations, Consulting & Training / e-learning presentations. I really liked the unique concepts. My experience with this product has been excellent.

Feedback: Customers in Consulting

Roger Beattie, President RLB Holdings, Inc., Business management & Consulting, US

Access to professional graphics cuts our development time dramatically when building new courses or updating existing materials. We use developed courses in both the US and Latin America. There is never a language barrier with the right images to help explain concepts and processes.

Nicole Fazzi , Communications and Events Specialist, Qualidigm (Healthcare Consulting)

The charts and diagrams are exactly what I’ve been looking for to bring some new life into our presentations. After a while, the basic Smart Art charts and diagrams become overused and they don’t always have what I need to illustrate a particular point.
I actually started searching online to find something I could use with puzzle pieces, and that’s how I came across your product. These really help our presentations to look even more polished and professional. I have done several presentations for my CEO and he loves the new diagrams!
Not to mention, it makes me look like a genius! Thank you so much!

Kalyanaraman Iyer, Management Consultant | Consultancy | India

I have been looking forward for a product like the CEO pack which I have finally purchased. Even the e-book and presentation capsule is excellent effort. The concept of each subject is amazing and thought provoking. Somebody who has worked in the corporate world has finally understood the need. I have used some of them very differently bringing smile to my clients.
I was impressed with the response time. Delighted to be in touch with the owners of the site.

Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal , 210 Analytics, LLC

As a keynote speaker using consumer and retailer-based research, I’m always looking for better ways to tell the story, rather than showing endless data points.The CEO pack has been a terrific resource for creating hard-hitting slides, is super easy to work with and have inspired a new look that is easy on the eyes, yet insightful for the audience.

Lee Strauss, Crisis Leadership Authority | The Leadership Crisis Guy | Australia

I create Strategy /Business Model, Company Presentation and Consulting presentations.
This product works for me.

Sanjay Ukalkar, Director | Supply Strategy Consultants | India

The PowerPoint Diagrams from Presentation Process meets need of executives and businessmen like me to make powerful, persuasive and impactful presentations.

Nick Mulcahy, Director | Professional Services Industry | New Zealand

I create Strategy /Business Model, Company and Consulting Presentations What I really like most about the product is that you can alter the images (templates), they are not just pictures.

Gérard Zagrodnik, Consultant, Canada

I used several slides taken from the CEO pack, gaining time and efficiency. Appreciate the simplicity & ease of use.

Vincent Gordon, Consultant, OrgStrength, US

Powerful slides – enable thought provoking dialogue. Excellent after sales which is not selling, it is “enabling”

Kathryn Ehlinger, Executive Manager, Business Advisors, US

Saves me TONS of time to pick the right image and input my message into power point slides. Slides look professional and exceptional

Feedback: Customers in manufacturing

Iris Mendell, Director of Talent Acquisition, Nike, Inc. (Apparel Manufacturing)

It quickly allows me to create professional, customizable presentations in a quarter the time or less than traditional ways. About your customer support: great turnaround and responsiveness!

Irene Woods, Exec Asst to VP of Finance, Lighting manufacturer United States

A wonderful and wide variety in many categories. Haven’t yet begun to explore all of it yet. I had originally asked if the Mega package included the smaller ones. I received a very prompt response. Thank you!

Debbie Schellin, Sales & Mktg Coordinator, Manufacturing Industry United States

I create a lot of presentations to address customers, board of directors, and internally. The ease of making changes as well as the versatility of the diagrams pack is great! We are extremely positive about the PowerPoint Diagrams Pack overall (more than any other) and would recommend it to others.

Sukh Rabeendran, Production Manager | Cpkelco | United States

Well laid out slides, nice way to present some information to higher level in an easy to understand format.

Nydia Garcia, Product Quality Manager, Automotive Industry | United States

So far I have used this product twice. I find it useful having increased versatility with smart graphic templates.

Byron Patricio Vasconez Vasconez, Corporate Relations General Motors,  Ecuador

The different slides that pack contains is useful. I used the slides for a corporate presentation and my boss was surprised about the quality of the presentation. Excellent!

Feedback: Customers in Govt/ NGOs

Lionel Phillips, Government Organization, South Africa

I am working for local government and I found the CEO Pack very useful for doing presentations to the Council of the Municipality. It is so easy to change the slides to your needs whether you are in Government, Private Sector or NGO environment. My Council was so impressed with the slides and of course the attention that was given to the content of the slides was a winner. So, for my purpose and because I was so successful I have renamed the the slides to the Mayor (instead of CEO ) Pack as it works just as well for government

I must thank you for your rapid responses and eagerness to help. Sometimes I wondered if you don't sleep as responses are within hours and sometimes sooner.

Bruce A Forgrieve | Chairman | Shout-it-Now/NGO

I create many types of presentations. This product gives PowerPoint a different look & feel.

Gail Bigelow, Communications/City PIO, Government

This produce is the greatest. Just recently I had to put together a powerpoint for the Mayor and several of the graphics came in handy. They were easy to use and I could break them apart if necessary! Really glad I have them, Thanks!!!

Customers Creating Religious Slides

Herawati Ompusunggu, Executive Secretary, US

It saves a lot of my time; I love to make my Bible Study presentation which no one has it. With the CEO template, I can easily combine and match them to create an impressive slide. Thank you, Mr. Gopal!

Daniel Bowers, Church Representative, Canada

I am still learning about the many professional templates offered in the CEO pack. I did not want to use these templates for business purposes, as much as i want to explore how I might be able to adapt them for the ministry that I am a part of. I am So far, I am very pleased with what I have discovered.

Tiara Masters, Media Ministry, US

I have to create PowerPoint presentations from the weekly bulletin for my congregation. The templates available for MS PowerPoint 2016 were quite limiting. The 750+PowerPoint Chart $ Diagrams CEO Pack offer a much larger range of options for me and the templates can be tweaked to match the message I need to convey on a weekly basis.

Ka Liong Lau, US

I use it for teaching and preaching at church.

Customers Presenting Research

Leonardo Ortiz, Mexico

The product is not only for executives, I have been using the templates for presenting research data, if you think sales figures are boring, you should try chemical data. These templates have help me a lot, the colors, drawings and animations really contribute to do the presentation of information far more effective.
Support was excellent, I received the answer in a matter of hours.

Doug Lested, Associate Director, Clinical Research

Provides more options to better illustrate important information instead of just using text. Can graphically illustrate how information/data relates to each other instead of in text or data tables. Support was great!

Customers Teaching with Slides

Tracey Thorsen, Trainer, US

Created a multi-hour workshop deck in 1 day - versus what would have taken me about a week to do.
About Support: Quick turnaround in responses. Thank you!

Taramaraju Ponnusamy, Safety Trainer, Malaysia

I am learning new but simple presentation techniques. These easy to use templates make my presentations not only unique but classy.

Sallyanne Harper, Training, US

CEO Pack has been a great help with the presentations I am putting together for the executioner education courses I teach. The flexibility they give in animation, edit ability and in using the different elements creatively have enhanced the presentations in an amazing way. I am very pleased. This was money well spent.

Maria Tomassone, Professor, US

CEO Pack 1 has helped me tremendously in designing my slides for a presentation. I used the funnel, two processes, one timeline and 1 organizational chart. My audience has complemented about my presentation. They say they were impressed about the quality of my slides. This is one of the best purchases I have made because not only it is good quality but it also saves immense amount of time.

Pascale Schuman, Executive Training Consultant, Luxembourg

The templates are completely changing the way I share information with the customers and the training attendees. They are eye catching and I don't see anymore people playing with their smart phone. And it is a real pleasure to look for the right template to increase the impact of the message.
I had one small question about changing the colour of an icon and in spite of the time zone difference (I live in Luxembourg), I received a very precise answer within 2 hours. That's what I call brilliant support service.

Gerry Mulllins, Teacher, US

When teaching the Bible, it is crucial to use dynamic images that illustrate the concepts being taught. This presentation pack is perfect for that purpose.

Deepak Bhatt, Associate Manager, India

Feedback has been awesome...i am a trainer and use the ppts for lots of my presentation..I have received lots of applause just for the ppts itself...The ppts have made my job easier as i can keep things to minimum on the ppts and still leave an impact

Peter Thuynsma, Consultant, South Africa

Excellent content & prompt responses. I use to create Training workshops to inspire University fundraisers

Veer Fowdar, Secondary School teacher, Australia

The animated templates are the best I have seen so far. They are really engaging for any type of audience.

Prof. B B Kotturshettar, Head, School of Mechanical Engineering, India

It was a much awaited Pack that I was looking for. I use the templates for my presentations to companies and other institutes for academic collaborations with the School to help enhance students' learning experience. The response for my presentation as compared to earlier ones is highly positive and the interest shown by the audience is also quite impressive.

Ray Massey, Professor, US

I have been switching slides from the old format to some of your templates. It has been easy and improves the appearance.

Jerry Spight, Faculty, US

Creating lecture modules for new course designs. The diagrams have added a very special dynamic of clear visuals without being weighed down by lots of verbiage.

Customers Creating Project Slides

Cletus Yenet Kayenwee, M&E Manager, Ghana

The CEO Pack 1 really greatly aided my presentation preparation and therefore saved me a lot of time. I used the pack to prepare and deliver a presentation on the expected role of a national institution in the implementation of our project. I immediately noticed that my audience were engaged throughout and some actually came to me to congratulate on brilliant presentation.
Very customer focused and satisfying. 

Erick Kumba, Lead Consultant, Mozambique

It has been a great product for me in Change Management, Business Intelligence ,Operation analysis, Process improvement, project management and even presenting bible teachings in 3D just using PPT and voice. Keep doing the great Job.

Ramon Javier Contreras Rogel, Project Controls Director, Mexico

It was a very useful in standardize my efforts in communicate in best way my presentations

Bennie Traylor, Global Project Services, US

Helpful in putting together timeline and visuals for showing stage-gate process.

Nicolai Capion Rasmussen, Project Manger, Auto Industri

I use the PowerPoint set for all my PowerPoints. As a project manager, 40% of my time is to visualize project status, new projects for project members and our board and stakeholders

Anne Jordan, Project Manager, Ireland

It has the Wow factor, slick, clear concise. I think you guys are doing a fantastic job, making life of busy professionals a lot easier.

Mike Ramos, Owner & Founder, Your Car Dealer Bond

I'm using the templates to keep my own marketing, projects, and future projects itemized in a more digestible way. I'm also going to be putting together some of the presentations for our customers to improve our customer experience and delivery packaging.

Customers Creating reports

Rose Torres, Training & Quality Manager, US

Awesome product. It reduced the time I had to spend to present training performance and quality analysis to the CEO.

Evelyne Oreskovich, President, Consulting / Hospitality

The slides have been invaluable templates for presentation of market research and other client reports. I love being able to just select the visual and apply my own message. They're perfect!

Sarah Shanice Nakazibwe, HR Manager & HR Business Partner

The CEO pack has made life easier because all you have to do is to replace the diagrams and charts with your numbers. You do not waste time. I have used them to HR Analytics reports and this has been received as excellent and unique work from my audience.
About support: You give guidance in detail through videos that allow you to use the diagrams and charts easily. The packs are received as soon as you buy them.

Mark Davies, Director, Consultancy, UK

The CEO pack is very helpful - makes putting together presentations and reports very easy. Excellent support - download problem was solved within minutes.

P. Ganesh, HSE Advisor, Oil & Gas Industry

I use it for my monthly data reports and training of marine crew.

Customers Creating Strategy Slides

Paul Barron, Enterprise Architect, UK

Definitely made an observable difference to the engagement of the audience when I used the pack to illustrate Strategy, Long Term planning, and progress to a number of Steering Groups and at a departmental conference. Really pleased with the time it's saved me and the professional look of the material I was presenting.

Mercedes Rodriguez, Country Managing Partner,  Business Services

As CEO this pack has helped me a lot to save time and make very powerful presentations. My audience look very interested in my speech and awake. It was just what I needed it t be more efficient and effective!

Jody Williams, Business Operations Manager, Education Industry

I used these for a strategy presentation to the leadership team. So far, I am extremely happy with the package I purchased.

Melissa Murphy, Director, Health and Community Services

The presentation pack slides have been a handy resource to draw on for internal presentations with our Team to easily and effectively communicate our Strategic Vision and Direction. Support was Extremely prompt and efficient - Thank you!

Carrie Hughes, Director of Strategy, Telecommunications Industry

Creative diagrams that give me a good starting point that I can modify for what I need.

Greg Dripps, Leader, US

I just joined the company 8 weeks ago. I was asked to draft slides for my boss to present to company president. Both were pleased with the content and format, the later of which I used from your teachings and your templates. I recently had another opportunity to draft slides on a new program that we’d roll out to the president and his direct reports. This was again met with praise.
Enough so that my boss told me that I’m the guy that will reviewing and editing all of his presentations especially the ones for the exec team. 
Real pleased with the courses that I watch from Arte and Ramgopal on YouTube. They taught me how to approach presentations psychologically and how to use the PPT canvas. Love some of the tricks with creating icons, subtracting backgrounds, filling shapes with pictures etc.
Their training revolutionized my understanding of PPT and my abilities to present complex matters in simple yet compelling ways.
Keep developing materials and I’ll keep coming back. 🙂

Customers -Meeting/ Conference Slides

Lynne Brophy, Healthcare Industry, US

My presentation totally wowed the audience using the templates! The best of the conference!

Chavi Goldberg, Director, E-Learning Industry, Canada

I had to make a presentation as a request for a meeting. Instead of just writing a letter, I used one of the templates and put one word on each of the balls on the template and recorded what I wanted to on the slide. I will let you know if it was effective. I am pleased. I like the templates

Dr. Shirish Patil, India

The CEO pack 1 is superb. I have started to use it and it is saving a lot of my time. I am able to use it even for unplanned meetings at a very short notice.

Souleymane SOW, WASH Specialist-Sector Coordinator, Nigeria

I just made a presentation today in a big meeting-board type. There were more than 15 presentations made today by various people. Mine came first and was very very much applauded. Below what I used to prepare this presentation:
1- The learning I got from watching YouTube video tutorial on donut chart
2- The same on funnel chart
3- One thank you slide I picked from the 750 CO pack I bought
4- One Two types of view slide I picked from the 750 CEO pack I bought
5- One presentation agenda slide I picked from the 750 CEO pack I bought
What I value more is the learning I am acquiring on designing, conceptualizing more than the templates themselves. I appreciate greatly the tutorials, excellent.

Deb Lohrenz, CMO, Canada

I do training in person and via webinar. I love how these slides help create the story - without using too many words. My preference is to let my clients see the slides/presentation and for the presentation to create conversation and discussion. This is extremely useful in an adult education session.
About Support: I did have to contact you, as I didn't receive my purchase upon payment. This was addressed immediately and my purchase was sent along - as well as the extras.

Advantages of CEO Pack Templates 

Bullet Point lists are a thing of the past

I have spent a lot of time in creating my own pictures and diagrams with limited/poor results. Buying the CEO pack has allowed me to pick a professional looking graphic, update it and be proud of the slide I produce. The impact has been stunning and simple bullet point lists are a thing of the past.

A S Crockett, Managing Director, Accreditation Company.

Can quickly stitch up Slide deck

I found it useful to quickly stitch up a slide deck for my presentation without spending too much time in constructing them.

Balraj Thuppalay, Managing Consultant, IT Company, US

Saved huge amount of time

I save a huge amount of time in making impactful presentations. You guys have really helped me. No hassles no false promises. You are True professionals

Vijay Sati, Head, IT Services Company, India

Transformed my presentations

Your professional presentations have transformed my presentations from a boring format to something much more interesting, Thank you

Colin Beyer, Advisor, UAE

Got immediate appreciation

It was amazing with your product. I got immediate appreciation from my boss for best presentation. A top Government official also appreciated our ppt due to your slides.
Website feedback: Super quick for everything and easy to use for payment as well.

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, General Manager, India

Useful Animations

It's very useful to create very great presentation using the templates with animations. The PowerPoint CEO packs is really a great help.

​Toto Widjojo, Managing Director, Entertainment Industry

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