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In this section, we interview presentation experts, design experts, trainers and speakers around the world.

Topics covered include presenting on the web and how to talk less and engage more. We realize how hard it is to find meaningful information on these topics. Tips and tricks are easy to find, but these interviews focus on bringing real value.

At Presentation Process, we specialize in presentation skills and we love to learn from other experts. These interviews gives us an opportunity to bring the insights from other experts to you.

If you are a Presentation Expert or have an idea for an interview we would love to hear from you. Please do contact us.

Interview with Presentation Experts

Monika Sugiarto

Expert: Monika Sugiarto
Storytelling for Successful Presentations

One of the most important skills you should master as a speaker is storytelling. In this guest post Monika Sugiarto talks about how story telling has brought her success and shares her tips for creating stories. Monika is a Distinguished Toastmasters, certified World Class Speaking Coach, & owner of site Your Public Speaking.

Yancey Interview with Presentation Process

Expert: Yancey Unequivocally
Creating Presentation Story

Yancey is the Founder and President of Empowered Presentations that is an award-winning presentation design firm with clients all over the world.

In this interview with Arte, Yancey shares her secrets to creating presentations that tell a story and how this helped them create award-winning presentations.

Nolan Haimes Interview with Presentation Process

Expert: Nolan Haims
Creating High Stakes Presentations

After careers in theatre and the circus, Nolan Haims moved into the world of presentation, designing presentations for CEOs and companies in nearly every industry.

In this interview with Arte, Nolan talks about his experience with high stakes presentations to and by CEOs, and the importance of making presentations more visual.

How to Influence: Stacy Hanke Interview

Expert: Stacey Hanke
Topic: How to Influence

Stacey Hanke founded 1st Impression Consulting, Inc. in 2004. The company focuses on coaching executives and sales professionals how to communicate with impact and influence. Stacey is co-author of the book; Yes You Can! Everything You Need From A To Z To Influence Others To Take Action.

In this interview with Arte from Presentation-Process, Stacey shares her insights on how to influence your audience when presenting, especially in business. Read on to understand the importance of influence in business presentations and how to develop better influencing skills…

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • What is influence? How to measure and evaluate it?
  • The number 1 mistake that presenters make
  • A framework to understand the audience point of view
  • Practical suggestions to improve influencing and communication skills

Janet Hilts on Presentation Fear

Expert: Janet Hilts
Topic: Fear of Speaking

Janet Hilts is is an EFT* practitioner and personal coach. After helping people with their physical and emotional health for over 20 years, she found the remarkable tool called EFT.

In this interview, we talk to Janet Hilts about fear of speaking and presenting and the effectiveness of EFT technique in dealing with this fear. Read on to understand how even experienced speakers face this fear and can overcome it…

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • Common issues corporate presenters face in speaking
  • What is EFT technique and how does it help with fear of speaking
  • Is this technique suitable for you? Does it work?
  • Additional resources on EFT

Angela Definis Interview on Voice Power

Expert: Angela Definis
Topic: Tips on Voice Power

Angela DeFinis is an industry expert in professional public speaking.

In this interview with Arte from Presentation Process, Angela shares her secrets to how you can use your voice can empower your presentations.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • The 3 critical components of voice
  • Insights into how voice reflects confidence of a presenter
  • How to evaluate your voice power?
  • Simple exercises to strengthen your voice

Simon Raybould

Expert: Dr Simon Raybould
Topic: How to Talk Less and Engage More

Internationally recognized expert on presenting, Simon Raybould talks about how presenters can talk less and engage audiences more.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • The need for shift in focus from self to audience
  • The issues with talking more
  • 1 Technique to engage audiences
  • How to address issues like lack of experience in presenting or facing senior audience

Olivia Mitchell

Expert: Olivia Mitchell
Topic: A more natural body language when presenting

There are some great pieces of advice about presenting, for example, pause more often, move to demonstrate your enthusiasm, be passionate. However, each of these can be taken too far… Read the complete Interview with Presentation Expert, Olivia Mitchell here.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • The problem in one to many communication
  • What happens when a presenter is too polished?
  • How to develop a more natural style of speaking

Simon Raybould

Expert: Ethan Rotman
Topic: Effective Sales Presentation Skills

Effective Sales Presentation Skills are about the audience. Not the presenter…: Read the complete Interview with presentation expert, Ethan Rotman

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • The biggest mistake that sales presenters make
  • How to engage audiences when selling
  • How to structure the company information part of the sales presentation
  • Moving from a one-way sales pitch to a two-way conversation

Kathryn Mackenzie

Expert: Kathryn Mackenzie
Topic: From Dull to Dynamic Presentations

A dynamic presentation is one that is engaging, captivating and inspiring. It leaves a positive lasting impression on the audience by instilling hope…: Read the complete Interview with Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Kathryn Mackenzie here.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • How to evaluate if your presentations are dull or dynamic?
  • Simple changes to make your presentation dynamic
  • Advantages of making presentations dynamic

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Below are some additional resources you can use as business presenters.

Business Skills and Resources

How to Write a Resume that Works

Resume writing techniques every job seeker needs to know to generate a flood of interviews, increase your salary and fast-track your career. Learn how to write a resume that works here.

Work at Home

Enjoy life working from home. Work from home business ideas, help, advice and examples for the retired, moms, dads and students on how to make money online. Including building a website, how to be an information publisher, how to be an affiliate, finding your niche, selling products and services online and travel websites.

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Ramgopal Presenting

Expert: M.S.Ramgopal
Topic: Effective Business Presentation

Effective business presentation: How to cut the clutter to create simple power filled presentations: Read the Interview by Susan of Write-Out-Loud with M.S.Ramgopal of Presentation-Process

Job Interview Presentation

Guest Post by: M.S.Ramgopal
Topic: Job Interview Presentation

Increasingly, presentations are used as a key tool to test candidates for technical positions and leadership positions in a company. This article aims to give you an overview of the logic behind the tests, the usual traps you may fall into and the ways to overcome the traps. Read the guest post by Ramgopal at the New England Job Show.

Ask the Experts at Presentation Process

Arte and RAM

Expert: Presentation-Process Team
Topic: About Business Presentations

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