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Examples of Navigation Tabs created BY Presentation Process Click on each thumbnail to view the tab ideas in detail. ————————– …

PowerPoint Slide Doesnt Move! 
My Power Point Presentation slide won’t move from the first slide. How do I make it move from slide to slide?

How can I make the images used in slide master uncopyable? 
Hi, This is Siva from Hyderabad. I have browsed your site and found it to be very informative and useful. Thank you so much. I could learn from your articles …

Making Presentation into a Screensaver 
Is there any way to make a PowerPoint presentation to run as a screen saver? I have made a PowerPoint presentation. I want to run this as a screen …

Creative Activities to Present 
I have been asked to do a presentation. I really need creative activities that I can do for my audience to understand mental illness. I will be presenting …

In a PowerPoint presentation what would look more professional? 
I have two slides with the same title. So slide 1, says TITLE. For slide two should I type in TITLE OR TITLE (continued) OR TITLE (cont’d) or something …

How do you make a slide on Powerpoint linked to another slide? 
What I need is that when I click a link in a slide it leads to another part of the presentation and shows a different slide.

Where is the Outline View located? How do I find it? 
In a discussion, I was told to see what the outline view looks like for my PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the Outline and Slides tab. Where …

What is a powerpoint pen presentation? 
I don’t quite understand what this means. Can someone elaborate please?

Question about Star in the Slides Pane Not rated yet
Example of stars in Pane ————————————– Original Question by Cheyanne ————————————- There are …

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