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Learn some exciting new ways to convey your process flows using in-built tools in your software.

The usual Process Diagrams are cliched:

SmartArt provides some good options to represent process flows. But, the impact of the diagrams depends on the amount of thought you put behind creating those diagrams.

Most business presenters use either left to right flow or top down flow to represent their processes:

Usual Process DiagramsWhile these are better alternatives to plain bullet point slides, they don’t capture the entire story of your presentation clearly.In this article, we will show you how you can convey more with the same process diagram options available in SmartArt.

The first step in creating better diagrams with SmartArt is to realize that…

Each Diagram conveys a different meaning:

Many presenters don’t see the subtle differences between the various options. It is these differences that make a big impact on your business presentations. Let us take two similar layouts under the SmartArt Process Menu:

 SmartArt Process MenuThough the layouts look similar, they convey very different meanings.

  • The first layout says that Item 1 and 2 combine to produce Item 3. For example, Team A and Team B constitute Loan Processing Department in a bank.
  • The second layout says that two elements combine to produce synergistic result. For example, Companies A and B merge to provide a better and holistic solution to their target customers.

You can convey your business message more accurately by choosing the right option that reflects your thought.

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Once you ‘get’ the idea, you can create your own variations:

Once you start appreciating the subtle differences between the various Graphics, you can come up with interesting and suitable variations of your own. For example:

Variations of SmartArt GraphicsThese two layouts convey very different meaning than the default options available in SmartArt tool. Tweaking default layouts helps you communicate your ideas better.

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The Define > Choose > Customize Process

Here is a simple routine to follow to get maximum value from your Graphics:

1. Define

Clearly write down the core idea you want to communicate by way of a diagram. If required, sketch the diagram with a pencil on your note book

2. Choose

Once you have the diagram in your head, select an option from SmartArt tool that closely matches your thought process.

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3. Customize

Customize the elements in your layout to better reflect your idea

When you follow this simple routine, you will get better results for your effort.

Creative Process Diagram options for business presenters:

By now, you would have realized that the more options you have, the better you can represent your ideas in a business presentation. But, SmartArt tool doesn’t provide you enough options to convey all your thoughts in the way you want. Customizing the layouts each time might be tedious and inefficient.

That is why we came up with our ‘PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams Templates Pack for CEOs’. The pack has more than 750 fully editable diagram templates to help you convey your message more accurately and elegantly.

All you need is to copy our diagrams to your slides and replace sample text. You can add your own logo, change animations, colors, fonts, 3D perspective and do everything you would ever want to do with your diagrams. Using the CEO diagrams pack is a smart way to create professional presentations fast.

Take a look at some of the samples from our diagrams collection:

Process Diagrams : Powerpoint Charts CEO Pack >>

Process Diagrams : Powerpoint Charts CEO Pack >>

SCRUM Process from CEO Pack >>

SCRUM from CEO Pack 1
If you are a business presenter and have not taken a look at our diagram templates collection yet, you are missing something. Please browse through our collection and see how our templates can change the way you create your presentations forever.

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