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Ramgopal's PowerPoint Mastery Program

Comprehensive & Creative PowerPoint Training with Step by Step Tutorial videos

Program Contents

  • 34 Individual Courses from Basic to Advanced
  • Certificate of Completion for each course
  • 800+ step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Downloadable PowerPoint exercise files
  • Quizzes & Exercises to review learning
  • Lifetime Subscription. Access to future updates.

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What our customers are saying:
"The individual modules are clearly laid out and demonstrated in an interesting fashion. It is pitched at the right level and is easy to learn and improve from.
I am doing my best amidst my regular everyday life to go through the Mastery Videos and they are totally inspirational and brilliant."
Rachel Bunger , eBook Author

Courses in PowerPoint Mastery Program:

Every trick, technique and process you’ll ever need to create result getting, professional looking slides, that you can’t wait to show off - even if you are a beginner in PowerPoint...

Learn PowerPoint Basics

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Complete PowerPoint Foundation

Master all PowerPoint Basics in a structured manner

Creative Slide Design & Animation

Design 25 Slides step-by-step from Title to Contact Us slides

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
36 Hacks for Professional Slides

Tips & tricks for color, font, layouts etc. to create professional slides faster

Design Beautiful Graphics

Beautiful Graphics with SmartArt 
Master SmartArt tool and go beyond the default tools & settings

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Master Basics of Shapes Tool

Get started with designing your diagrams by Mastering the Autoshapes tool

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Easy PowerPoint Effects & Graphics

Create Easy Effects and design Basic Graphics like Ribbons, Tags, Text Placeholders & more

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced Graphics & Models

Design Advanced Graphics and Models - Timelines, Process Diagrams and more

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Design with 3D like a PRO

Learn 3D tools in PowerPoint and design different diagrams to master the tools.

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
9 Tutorials to Present Bullet Points

Step by step tutorials to design easy alternatives to boring bullet point lists

Imaginative Ways to Present Pictures

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Creative Photo Editing Course

Edit your photos in PowerPoint like a Pro. No need to use Photoshop!

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Photos with Creative Animations

Present your product photos, albums, team intros and more with creative animations

Create Engagement with Animation

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced Motion Path Animations

Design creative animations with advanced tools & effects

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Basics of Custom Animations Tool

Master the basic tools, panels and features of custom animations

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Animated Graphics & Concepts

Create advanced graphics like roadmaps & concepts like scales

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
15 Animation Tricks & Effects

Learn Advanced tricks to create effects like clocks, countdowns and more

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced Hand Animations

Create Whiteboard animation effect for your videos & informational content

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced Transition Effects

Get ideas to creatively use transitions like animations.

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Interactive PPTs with Triggers

Engage your audience with interactive slides that work on mouse click.

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
10 Beautiful Text Animations

Get creative ideas and step by step tutorials to animate your text

Creative Morph Transitions

Astonish your audience with animations using Morph Tool

Data Driven Charts & Infographics

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Data Driven Chart Basics

Get Started with Data Driven Charts & basic Chart Formatting Tools

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
10 Chart Formatting Tools

Discover chart formatting tools that most presenters are not aware of.

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced Data Charts

Master the advanced features of PowerPoint to create designer charts

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Advanced: Editable Infographics

Create custom dashboards to present your information with infographics

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Basic & Advanced: Tables

Master basics features like working & formatting cells etc.

PLUS These 6 Bonus Courses:

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Design Studio Quality Title Slides

Step by step tutorial to create title slides, plus templates you can use

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Creative Agenda Slides

Learn how to create and present creative agenda slides.

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Creative Bullet Point Alternatives

Differentiate between real & pseudo lists and learn how to present lists

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Quick Tips for Professional Slides

Quick & easy tips to format and present your slides

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Save Time with 7 PPT Tips

Quick and easy set up and shortcuts you can use to work more efficiently 

Complete PowerPoint Foundation
Neuro Slide Design Mastery

Learn how to approach structuring and designing your slides.

What our customers are saying:

"The lessons coverage is complete and the explanation is good and clear.
In the beginning the video folders are organized well with numbers and sub-numbers on the folders, especially Set Up Mastery. Easy to know which folder to study first if I want to have it in sequence or in proper order."

Michael Romero, Manager, Coal Mining

Select a pricing plan & Sign up for PowerPoint Mastery Program

*Popular* One-Time payment | Lifetime Access
*Special Lockdown Prices* Regular Price: $999

Access Immediately after purchase | 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*

What our customers are saying:

"Mr. Ramgopal has designed an extremely useful course not only for beginners but also for experienced PowerPoint users and trainers. The PowerPoint Mastery Program is well structured and covers almost all the topics to master PowerPoint. I have been working on PowerPoint for almost 15 years but still there are lots of things to learn from fantastic course."

Rajshekhar Chavan, Founder, Dataedge


" What I like: Tips, tricks and hacks that are not available in any PPT course or training program.The training has helped me: To be more efficient and professional.Thank you for this course, I have been looking for a long time for this type of PPT course."

Azlan Mohd. Z, Education Industry



"Ramgopal has for sure figured out the way to get those interested in PowerPoint, to find him.

I appreciated his generosity in sharing all the free PowerPoint material on YouTube. I had reviewed many videos there.

I kept going back and kept learning things I had never seen done in PowerPoint. Then I wanted it all, so I signed up for the Mastery Program. Loved it.

The Training is nothing like anything I had participated in before.

It's just so easy to review the videos on one screen and have PowerPoint open in another screen.

At times I felt so foolish that I had not explored PowerPoint over the years to know of tools and methods that have existed in many versions of the software.

It's a remarkable experience to be trained ON the program (PowerPoint) you're trying to learn, BY the same program. The materials and tutorials just keep proving themselves as you go alone. Which just reconfirms you're learning a great program and doing it in the most effective way."

Craig C., Software Consultant/CRM



"Ram has unknowingly become a mentor in how to give an effective presentation. His presentation skills are top tier and to be emulated. I have applied those lessons to my own presentations, which has translated to much smoother shows and that helps the audience learn more about my subject matter."

William Crisp. , SAIC



"I am a project manager/program manager, managing multiple projects for multiple customers, I need to keep the information I am providing, interesting and informative on a weekly basis, your training and inspirational slides, colours, templates etc are invaluable and worth every penny.

I have also bought other products from you and these have allowed me to be creative to make bespoke slides which are very much enjoyed by my audience. Thank you so much.

Your support has been very responsive and helpful, I was shocked to receive such personal support in a world where things are now so impersonal."

Olivia GreengrassUK IT Project Manager, Ingram Micro



Clear explanations on every aspect of PowerPoint. Each lesson is bite sized.

My presentations are more interesting and require less time to create.

Larry L Fisackerly, Owner eInsurancePlace/insurance Industry


Your presentation slides won me a promotion at my job which is why I subscribed to study and learn more about the slides. You are doing a great job. I am impressed with your work!

Muhamud W, Kenya


Excellent coverage of the concepts and features within PowerPoint. The segments for working with each function covered are grouped together and many are accompanied by worksheets and cheatsheets.

I've also learned some key aspects of slide presentations that can help me avoid viewer distraction, color distraction, and how to use certain techniques to enhance the slides.

Bill.GREEN, W.O. Green Corporate Services LLC


The key factors that made me want to take this program:

- The content and its structure

- Content Delivery

- Concise and yet complete

- The tips and tricks shared

I now see how simple things can help improve the presentation and how quick it is to incorporate them into my presentations. There is a lot more ahead for me to learn and I look forward to it.

The only challenge that I have faced thus far has been the time out when listening to videos and then having to sign back in.

I truly appreciate the effort that has gone into the making of this training and it makes me look forward to learn more.

Raghu Natesan, Director - Xalence Human Capital Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Wonderful training program. Very clear instructions. Really improved my presentation skills

Dr. Raveen Hanwella, Faculty of Medicine


This program is the work of a genius, easy to use and has an incredible result. I love it... I will tell everyone I know that use PowerPoint!

Titus Warren


Covered everything and assumed nothing. Very comprehensive with a lot of emphasis on design skills and message clarity.

Better slides lead to a better student experience.

Andrew Pope, UK


It offers fresh ppt stuff. Very quick & user friendly material.

Hemant Kanade, DGM-Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.


I am using some of the ideas I am learning and I am sure I will use more tips as I go on. Also I have learnt some important things that will allow me to be faster and more efficient when i prepare my presentations

Since I have experience with powerpoint some of the first videos were too basic but even in those there were small valuable things that I did not know . This comment is by no means a criticism because I understand that you have to cover a wide range of students with different levels of expertise.

Overall, I am very happy so far but I will give more feedback after I watch all the videos

Nikolaos Pandis, Healthcare Industry


What I liked:

1. Content

2. Lucid explanation

3. Good Downloadable resources

4. Technique to do business presentations.

I have learned many new techniques...became good at SmartArt and 3D

Understood the way to use animations. As a result my presentations are becoming interesting to the audience. 

Nilesh Joglekar, Manager, India


Clear and concise explaining of basic and advance concepts even though some I already knew. Reduced the fear of trying new things in PowerPoint as I now have a resource that I trust will provide the exact information that I need therefore eliminating time spent searching for a trusted source on the internet.

David Gibson, Education Industry


Thanks. It is a great membership and well worth the cost. Thanks to what I learned, I'm an expert in adapting these slides to my needs.

You both have taught me so much.

Helene Rider


The explanations given and the examples used by Ramgopal in the presentations are unmatched. I like very much the receipt of the regular mails with news and ideas regarding PowerPoint from Arte.

I am very positive about the course and find that it gives good value for money and will certainly recommend it to colleagues and friends.

Klaus. H. Banedanmark/State owned/Railway

Opened mind to possibilities of PowerPoint

Denis Imonje, Chief Curiosity Officer, Kesa



The program is comprehensive. I have just started and not even halfway through. The contents are great and easy to follow.

Irvin Hoh



The best training program I have had. Ramgopal makes it a pleasure to learn and watch. Very engaging and makes it so simple and explains very well. I am glad I have taken this course.

Hemant Damani, Business Relationship Manager, Aptiv



I have just started using this program. It was recommended to me by a co worker who uses your programs extensively and speak highly of the way you teach

Lana Taylor, V.P., ST21


Select a pricing plan & Sign up for PowerPoint Mastery Program

*Popular* One-Time payment | Lifetime Access
*Special Lockdown Prices* Regular Price: $999

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