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In this video you will learn how to Resize 3D Shapes in PowerPoint properly. Typically a 3D shape is created by setting depth and the shape gets distorted with when the size is reduced or increased.We take the example of a 3D sphere in this video. You will notice that

  • When the 3D sphere size is reduced the bevels become too sharp
  • When the 3D sphere is expanded, the bevel becomes almost flat.

In this tutorial you will learn how to resize without losing the proper 3D effect.

Here is the issue when you resize a 3D sphere created in PowerPoint:

Resize 3D in PowerPoint
Issue with resizing 3D Sphere

PowerPoint Features used in this video

Check markCopy ToolCheck markUsing Handles to Resize Shapes
Check markPaste Special

PowerPoint Versions in which you can follow this tutorial:

Tick markPowerPoint 2013
Tick markPowerPoint 2010
Tick markPowerPoint 2007

Click play to view the tutorial:

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You can find out more benefits of using the Paste Special Option here.

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